What is Ashcroft Thinking?

It’s written all over his face, but you can still tell us: What is Attorney General John Ashcroft thinking?

Click to embiggen.

I’m fairly certain it’s this:

Again, click to embiggen.

12 thoughts on “What is Ashcroft Thinking?

  1. Ashcroft: “I don’t understand why we need a constitution when we have a perfectly good bible right here.”


    “Now why did Ed [Schrock] go and do a silly thing like that when he could have just stopped by my office?”

  2. Not a problem, Les. It’s easily worth it since I then get to have the word “embiggen” in my post.

  3. “I hate it when I forget my diarrea medicine.  Good thing nobody knows I wear Depends!”

    I’m logged in, so no “embiggen” capcha for me.  I’ll look for it in the next edition of Webster’s.

  4. Come now, Ragman, “embiggen” is a perfectly cromulent word.


    Hah! Capcha = normal. Double Hah!

  5. I guess you could call plastic surgeons embiggeners. 

    Somewhere there’s a drive-thru sign that says “Embiggen your meal for only $0.49!” 

    Ashcroft: “Why does HE get all the cute interns? You can play Melrose Place in MY office too, you know.”

  6. “Fuck this instrument of Satan known as the Constitution. Lord Jesus knows how it detracts from our duties of praising the Lord and not dancing. Let the eagle fly!!”

  7. Oh sweet, sweet lady justice if I could just once suckle upon your delectably sinful exposed stone tiiiitiiees! Oh Yeeessss!

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