Thunderbird 0.8 is out. Preview release of Firefox 1.0 available.

If, like me, you’re using Mozilla Thunderbird for your email client (and if you’re not you should be) then you’ll be pleased to hear that version 0.8 is now available. This release adds the ability to have all your mail accounts filtered into a Global Inbox under the local folders and the ability to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds. Plus the usual bug fixes. Be sure to read the release notes before installing the new version.

If you’re so inclined there is also a Preview Release of Firefox 1.0 available if you want to be on the cutting edge of browsing technology. Again, check with the release notes for more info on what’s new and how to install. New toys in this version include Live Bookmarks which allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds as bookmarks, an improved Find function, and stronger encryption for stored passwords.

6 thoughts on “Thunderbird 0.8 is out. Preview release of Firefox 1.0 available.

  1. No idea. I know Thunderbird does support IMAP, but I’m not entirely certain if I’m reading your question correctly. From what I’ve read (I’ve not had a chance to test it yet) the Global Inbox function basically just routes all incoming email into the Inbox under Local Folders, it doesn’t stick it all into the Inbox of one of the accounts.

    Assuming I’m correct in my interpretation then I don’t see that it would matter if the accounts being pulled from are IMAP or POP3.

  2. Please let me rephrase it. I have a bunch of POP accounts that I monitor for incoming email and I also run an IMAP server on my LAN as a mail archive.

    What I want to do is to deliver whatever emails get pulled via POP directly into the IMAP box rather than the inbox on the local folders. I can easily do this by running fetchmail on the server, so it’s no big deal if Thunderbird can’t do it.

  3. I’d have to look to see if Thunderbird has that capability, but I’d guess that it doesn’t. You could probably set up a message rule that would forward messages onto the other IMAP account, but that’s not exactly the same thing as what you’re after.

  4. I’ve installed 0.8 and, along with others, have encountered a password issue.  Version 0.8 seems to have some problems with passwords, what exactly the issue has so far escaped me.

    The discussion is here…

    Some people have reported success in deleting the passwords and then reseting them when polling for new emails.  That hasn’t worked for me, or others.

    Anyway, try 0.8, regardless.  It’s fairly easy to keep your OLD 0.7 and still test drive 0.8; The application files themselves are stored in a different area than your emails and contact file, making switching back-n-forth a cynch.

  5. Important note on Thunderbird 0.8

    The current version 0.8 has a problem with deleting all read emails once the window they appear in is closed be cautious of putting everything into this and only this until the fix is identified.

    No explanation for why this happens on some systems and not others but don’t forget to move your files to safe back up if they are important before opening if you use thunderbird because it will empty all read email from every folder without notice in the blink of an eye once the effect is triggered by some so far unidentified event.

    I had this happen luckily I still had most of the originals elsewhere but there was no new software installed and no settings were altered the last email to arrive before this took effect seemed to be unusual but was not allowed to use java and I had disabled my wireless lan befaor opening it so felt fairly secure after virus scanning it with norton AV and a newly updated definitions file then running adaware to check for spyware (I was feeling pretty paranoid that night) and now all email deletes immediately after opening. I have checked the forums and this is happening to others as well so use it with care until this is ironed out please.

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