Testing a new search function in EE.

We’re testing out a new version of the search module that Paul and the gang came up with for use within EE so all of you folks who spend hours searching through SEB will want to let me know if it doesn’t seem like the search function is working like it should or is returning bizarre results. Click on the advanced search to see the available options.

3 thoughts on “Testing a new search function in EE.

  1. Seems to be working okay.  One feature that seems to be lacking is a return of the actual Blog name where the search criteria was located.  Right now it just returns the thread author but not the weblog.  Unless your familiar with the authors for all the blogs listed in the search criteria it is difficult to ascertain which returns are relevant.

    Have I said great job on this blog lately?  Well I should, it’s a bright spot on the blogroll.

  2. Now that I think about it I can limit the search results to just one blog. I’ve been meaning to set it up so that the simple search only searches SEB when you’re on SEB, but kept forgetting to do that. So here’s a question: Would folks prefer the simple search to be limited to SEB alone or do you like having it search all of the blogs I maintain?

    The advanced search allows you to control that option yourself so that’s why I didn’t mention it there.

    Good point on it not listing which blog, though, I’ll mention that to Rick and the crew.

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying SEB.

  3. My vote is to have it search all the blogs because sometimes the topic may have interesting tangents throughout Jenkins Online.  Knowing which blog you’re delving into would be a plus though.  Especially if the online family continues to grow.

    BTW: SEB Servers seem to be acting up today.  Very slow page loads and occasional authentication failures.  Must be a sign to go play golf.

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