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A new website called Spread Firefox.com  is up to help promote the adoption of Mozilla Firefox and they were hoping to achieve a million downloads in a week from the launch of the new site. They did it in less than 100 hours.

In just under 100 hours, we have smashed through our one million download campaign—with 6 days still to go! This is the fastest adoption rate we have ever experienced, higher than every previous Firefox release. But it’s not time to relax our efforts. How soon can we break through 2 million? We’ll have more information on a new campaign on Monday.

Congrats to the Spread Firefox folks on their stunning run to a million. Now let’s see if you can hit 100 million.

15 thoughts on “Spread Firefox - Igniting the web

  1. Man, 100 Million would be great, but it’s never gonna happen.  People are too attached to IE, just like AOL folks don’t even know about IE.  It took me a long time to convince my mom to switch to Firefox and my dad’s still only using IE, he just won’t consider switching.

    With the addition of RSS reading in Firefox 1.0, I’m now solidly hooked and only use IE when the page I try to view doesn’t “read right.”

  2. Sad thing is that Ted is right.
    My dad won’t consider switching either…popups or no (he won’t even switch to AvantBrowser. Still IE, but yanno?!? Stubborn MFer). My mother, though she’s never used AOL, she might as well be an AOL user wink.
    Firefox .10/1PR is the shiznit. And a bag of chips.
    Ted, the next time a site doesn’t ‘read right’ in Firefox, send an email to the webmaster/author/whatever. After all, Moz and Opera are FAR more web compliant than Internut Exploder.
    I stopped caring if my site ‘read right’ in IE a long while ago. If it reads okay in Opera -but especially Mozilla- I don’t care about IE, but then neither does MS.
    Just signed meself up as an affiliate and have buttons on both my blog and moblog. huzzah!

  3. I have seen small successes along the way.  A coworker at my office who thinks windows = computers and IE = the internet recently switched to Firefox after being inundated with popups.  This is a guy who *bought* popup blocking software.  He’s been using Firefox for about a week now and loves it.

    What the Mozilla folks have done is really amazing.  We just gotta keep promoting it.

  4. Oh, if only it was that easy Greg.  I’ve actually spoken with the developers of one of the sites that doesn’t work right in FF (I resell their services) and was told, basically, “tough shit.”  I’m paraphrasing of course, but they really didn’t care.  “Just use IE.”  If I could avoid their site (I can’t , I have to use it to administer hundreds of hosted e-mail boxes) I would.

  5. Ted,
    I’ve gotten the same response from web ‘developers’ (read: “Knows how to click buttons in MS FrontPage”), too.
    With over a million Firefox users out there, if we could all just network, and when one comes across such a developer, the other 999,999+ users send emails to said developer 😀
    If only…

  6. You guys realize there is an extension for FireFox to address sites that don’t play nice with Mozilla, right? Go get IE View. While it doesn’t necessarily fix the problem, it at least provides a means of dealing with it.

  7. I will check it out soon. Got it at work too, so I was already using it sometimes. Sadly enough, its not going to be virus/hacker-free anymore now with many more people adopting it.

    Say, does Firefox use the same kind of Favorites menues/links as IE? I’d hate to have to synchronize by hand…


  8. No, Firefox handles links differently (stores them in a single bookmark.html file), but it does import Favorites from IE without issue. It puts them under a folder labeled “Imported IE Favorites.” Imagine that.

  9. Even if I use that, I would have to convert/reconvert/switch all the time (different computer). I’d have preferred a single standard there. I’ll see. Actually I’m quite happy with IE, except for security worries…

  10. Actually I’m quite happy with IE, except for security worries…

    As are most users, but security worries are a deal-breaker for me.  I have one computer running Linux now and my Windoze computers are all set to Mozilla or Firefox as browser.  Not being a security/OS expert I don’t need anything making my life even more difficult.

    Speaking of which… I just installed Firefox on a friend’s computer and noted that the default was set to “Allow websites to install software” which of course I un-checked.  Huh?  Did I miss something?

  11. I don’t think you missed anything. It’s true that is the default, but it still pops up a big requester that has a count-down timer on the OK button so you can’t just click it and make it go away in hopes you might actually read the box telling you what it is you’re about to install.

    I’ve said before that the only reason I run Windows at all is because that’s where the games are and I’m a gamer. Otherwise I’d probably be running either Linux or coughing up the pennies needed to get a Mac.

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