SEB Real Estate Tip Of The Day!

Always be sure to carefully go over photos of your home* for anything that might give the wrong impression before using them in a real estate ad.

*Look carefully at the third photo on that page.

14 thoughts on “SEB Real Estate Tip Of The Day!

  1. Looks like the Heimlich Maneuver to me.

    Nice new avatar, BTW. Is it a response to my comment about your grin awhile back?? wink

  2. I surf too much. I knew which picture you meant even without ever once clikcing on your link. Seems I was right, too.

    BTW: Avatars – meaning to ask you Les. How does one get one?

  3. I was looking for a swastika on the mantle or something. Now that would have been funny. (Not in a “swastikas are funny” kind of way, of course)

  4. Ingolfson, go to and sign up for an account using the email address you use on the blogs you comment on. Then select an 80×80 pic and upload it to your account there. Once it has been rated it’ll automatically appear on any sites using Gravatars including this one as long as you use the same email address on each site.

    Elwed, I’d be fine with that if folks think they’d like it and there’s enough people willing to send me their photos to make it worthwhile. grin

  5. Now listen people – do you know how difficult it is to commit a felony serious enough for a mugshot over here? I’d, like, have to think of something actually *bad*. This ain’t the US wink

  6. Our family site once had a photo gallery called “mug shots” – it was photos of all our coffee mugs. Sometimes I’m so funny I kill myself.

    Les, why don’t you set a threshold and see how many folks will bite?

  7. Ok, being the good dubbie that i am, i took the time to email Chuck & Loretta of Pleasanton RealEstate letting them know their sly attempt at introducing animal-porn to unsuspecting customers caught my attention.  My company is now banning their site due to this disgusting content.

    I didn’t even need to see the photo itself.  One look at Chuck & Loretta’s pic and i knew *exactly* what type of people i was dealing with; The photo is no error.  Those two are total sex addicts.  No one normal smiles that much.

  8. Ok I must be odd. I looked and looked and stared at the vase/ glass looking thing for alcohol then I stared at the paint…but then my eyes drifted from the walls to the window and instantly I realized that they were selling Doctor Doolittles house. Then I realized…I needed sleep smile

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