Prison Bitch Name Generator

Need a new nickname? Are you going to prison soon and want to know ahead of time what others will be calling you?

Prison Bitch Name Generator

Mine is Tush Taster. What’s yours?

Just because I saw it mentioned on TV and had to try it out.

43 thoughts on “Prison Bitch Name Generator

  1. Well at least I know I won’t be getting the shit kicked out of me if I have to do a nickel.  My bitch-name is Mouth-Mangler.

    Just for fun I put in George Bush – ‘Fudge Packer’ and Dick Cheney ‘Fudge Sucker’.  Those two were meant to be together.

  2. Apparently, I’m Squealing Piglet. The girl I’m hung up on? She’s Donkey Schlong. We’ve decided that she’s the butch and I’m the bitch.

    Pray for me.

  3. Mine was “Finger Fucker”… well, that’s not too bad.

    P.S. Deadscot… with names like Dick and Bush, of course they were meant to be together.

  4. Wait a minute. Mine was Tush Taster too. This may give a clue as to what method is used to come up with the name. Can you say “random name from a set list?”

  5. Is this the first time you noticed this Brooks? I’ve realized this similarity for quite a while.

  6. Actually, no. What I meant to say was that I just realized that you made the post. grin My last name is Ayola. Is your last name also similar? This would explain the fact that both prison names are the same. I don’t know how the thing works, and now I have to know.

  7. BRUCE?????  BRUCE?????

    Am I missing some subtle prison slang here?

    Am I ignorant or naive?


  8. Howard Sperm here, king of all … well… smile

    Now I can continue my holiday knowing that if I end up in jail, I will know I am Howard Sperm


  9. deadscot mentioned Bush’s and Cheney’s prison bitch names, but John Kerry comes up as ‘wannabe’.  Telling?

  10. Is it my imagination or did going to this sight unleash a few pop ups?  If so then I would   I just had two come up as I typed this message.

  11. BRUCE?????  BRUCE?????

    Am I missing some subtle prison slang here?

    Am I ignorant or naive?


    QM – I do believe this means that you have nipples erectus.  I could mistaken.  I only got a quick peek a Brock’s prison journal.

  12. OK, you got a large laugh out of me there deadscot.

    I’m not sure either Queenie, but I think it’s just that Bruce is a notoriously gay name, much like Mark, Rick or Steve.

    Momma, uh oh you haven’t installed Service Pack 2 yet, have you? It has a built in pop up blocker. Who’s your son again? Hey, Pop Up Blocker sounds like a decent prison name too.

    Checking John Ashcroft’s name for him I see that he will be referred to as Honey Hole.

    Ken Lay, if there is any justice, will be answering to the name Queer Johnny, or else.

  13. Great.  Now we’re combining prison bitch names with tech terms.  Maybe Bill Gates comes up as Spam Gobbler.

    I actually did find the term Bruce in an on-line prison slang dictionary in reference to firm nipples.  (Brock keeps his prison diary under lock and key.)

    Speaking of Ken Lay.  If When Bush is defeated in November, look for Ken ‘Easy’ Lay to be pardoned as one his un presidential acts.

  14. OK, I guess I can live with it (in fact siting here in front of the air conditioner it applies I guess) but I deserve something MUCH more threatening. If you don’t believe me you can dig up ex-husband and ask him.


  15. No cindy, it means you “wank” your big dick. There. You feel better now?

    See, I know some stuff that even Les doesn’t know.

  16. HEY!! I found out who the Nixon informant was – John Kerrey came up as “Deep Throat”.
    My masturbating friend here in Omaha, Nebraska (Dan Regan) came up as “Fist Fucker”.

  17. ok then…my name is “Pillowbiter” gulp and when i put my full name in instead of just my first and last name it said my name was “Receptacle”!

    Ummmmm…I hope I don’t ever go to prison, think I am in trouble!

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