PlayStation 2 goes on a diet, looks fantabulous!

It’s been in the rumor mill for weeks now that Sony was getting ready to introduce a new, smaller version of the PS2 under the name PSTwo in much the same way that they did with the PSOne. Turns out the name change isn’t happening—at least not until the release of the PS3—but the change to a smaller, sexier design is very much true:

While inheriting the basic functions and design philosophy of the current PlayStation 2 (SCPH-50000), the internal design architecture of the new model has been completely overhauled, resulting in a slimmer and more lightweight form. Internal volume has been reduced by 75 percent, overall weight has been halved, and thickness trimmed down to 2.8 cm (thickness of current model is 7.8 cm). Its size is almost as small as a hardcover book, making it easier to carry around and enjoy games and DVD videos anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with an integrated Ethernet port for network gaming, the new PlayStation 2 sets new standards in the fusion of design and functionality and will enable the company to maintain market momentum as it expands its online console gaming community, the largest in North America with more than 1.4 million users. Approximately 40 percent of North American PlayStation 2 online gamers use dial-up connections and to satisfy this base, the North American model is equipped with both Ethernet and modem ports.

The only question I have is where the HD expansion is supposed to go on this new model as there doesn’t appear to be any spot set aside for it. I suppose they could release an update HD that would come as an external unit which connects via the USB or FireWire ports, but it’s also possible they may be giving up on the idea of selling many HD units here in the states. More pictures in the extended entry.

Found via Engadget.

19 thoughts on “PlayStation 2 goes on a diet, looks fantabulous!

  1. You could maybe hack it…

    I won’t be buying this, even if I wanted to.  I’ve got a three year-old PS2 and it’s running just fine.  When I use it, which is rare except for my recently-purchased Madden 2005 benders.

  2. Too bad they didn’t include wireless networking, I’m getting tired of tripping over the ethernet cord back to my router.

  3. Definitely look different.  May actually end up getting one since my other PS2 seems to be crapping out… It’s having trouble reading discs.  Seems it didn’t like the days following my purchase of Gladius when I spent about 10-12 hours a day on it… I have learned though that a nice smack on the top of it will get it to stop screwing around and read the game. wink Course, now that I think about it, I keep forgetting I need to actually go use a cleaning cd on it… Boo for my forgetful memory…

    And yes, wireless networking would be sweet. What would happen if you tried a USB wireless adapter on it? Not that you could install the software. Or could you? I don’t have a HD on my PS2.

  4. I won’t be getting one either as my PS2 is chugging along just fine, but it is sweet looking. I think they didn’t add in stuff like wireless networking because this is a prelude to a price drop. Usually a redesign is done mainly to bring costs down so they can afford to drop the price. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was down to $99 by Christmas.

  5. Does it say something about me that I have a Nintendo 64 and one of those old light gray Playstaions in the cupboard under my TV?

  6. Brooks, all it says is that when you find something you like you stick with it. That or you never used them enough to bother buying the next iterations.

    Elwed, there are some games I prefer on the PC (RTS, FPS) and some I prefer on the console (Japanese RPG, Platformers, Racing Games) so there’s enough stuff on both platforms to justify owning both. I’m not as hardcore as some folks, though, in that I don’t own all three of the current consoles.

  7. Uh yah. I think you’re closer with the second thought. My wife and I used to play a bit, mostly Gex and Zelda, but just sort of stopped playing. It’s been a long time now that we have a baby.

  8. Well, it is also alluding to the fact that the next-gen consoles are going to be hard drive free. Both Sony and Microsoft have hinted or said that they will be using the latest in Flash RAM type cards instead of hard drives in their new consoles to hold down on production costs (and probably to discourage people from opening the boxes and fooling with hard drive replacement like they do now).

  9. I’m hoping for that price drop, while my Xbox is great they just dont have the japanese rpgs that sony can provide.  havent played a final fantasy in ages.  Surprise there isn’t a wireless adapter the xbox one is pretty sweet.

  10. We got a PS2 for Xmas last year.  We only wanted it to play multiplayer on the big tv.  Must admit, I’ve gotten attached to the controllers, so I’m wanting one for the PC now.  Especially since games have gone to a keyboard move, mouse aim, from the old single joystick move/aim that I grew up with.  On Doom and Doom II, I liked having all the functions on my Thrustmaster Mark I.  I still use it – I haven’t seen a joystick lately that I’ve been very impressed with, although I would try a PS2 controller in it’s place. 

    Could always snake HD cabling out the PS2 and into an external HD enclosure – call it a PSTumor wink

  11. Must say that’s the coolest “gamepad” I’ve ever seen… Makes me realize I already have one and didn’t even know it.  grin

  12. Haha, that would make for some interesting pictures… Wonder what kind of fun things you could do with a vibrating mouse?  No getting any dirty thoughts now…

  13. Well, the Logitech controllers have been getting trashed on epinions, but I did find that they make adapters for USB.  Fry’s had a Playstation2 to USB adapter for $10.  I hooked up, windows reads it just fine. 

    Then I find out Medal of Honor, Doom 3, Mechwarrior 3, are key/mouse/joystick only.  Won’t read gamepad controls for assignments.


    Maybe there’s some way to map the pad inputs to keystrokes…

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