PBS takes a look at “The Video Game Revolution.”

You know video gaming has gone mainstream when PBS does a show on the history of it and that’s just what they’ve got in store this month with The Video Game Revolution. The show and companion website looks at how video games went from fad to phenomenon and what their impact has been over the years. No idea how good the show is, but I look forward to see it when it airs locally this Wednesday night. You can check when it’s airing in your town on the website.

1 thought on “PBS takes a look at “The Video Game Revolution.”

  1. If video game manufacturers would like to get a lot of good publicity, good will, and actually save a lot of lives, they should create a really good first-person driving simulator and give it away.  Something on the quality level of Flight Simulator or even better.

    Imagine if a kid gets behind the wheel for the first time and already instinctively knows to look to the left, then right, as the light turns green and his foot moves from the brake to the gas… because he’s already been hit virtually by someone running a red light.  Or already knows the ill effects of tailgating, speeding, how to do visual checks on lane changes, and so on.

    I’ve heard of kids learning quite a lot from GTA but this would be more direct.

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