Mozilla homepage gets a new design.

This just in: The official homepage for has been redesigned with a spiffy new look. It’s so damned spiffy that I felt compelled to write a blog entry about it. It’s the sort of simple, clean, and pretty design that I wish I was smart enough to do. Dammit. Now I’m jealous. Go check it out.

1 thought on “Mozilla homepage gets a new design.

  1. New design, now over 200% less geeky! I noticed it this morning when I went to get a “Get Firefox” button for my blog.  Microsoft should wish any of their websites looked half that good. 

    I chose the “Web browsing redefined” button instead of the “Take back the web” button on the theory that most people aren’t revolutionaries.  More likely to be interested in a suggestion of personal advantage.

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