More Gmail invites to hand out.

I have six more Gmail invites to give away on a first come, first served basis. That is, unless you were one of the idiots who kept asking me for an invite after I had posted that they were all gone the last time. Or if you’re the guy who I had the following IM conversation with this morning:

    xxth3legendxx: i have 2 g-mail acct n0w

    StupEvilBst: OK.

    xxth3legendxx: i might start sellin invites

    StupEvilBst: You say this as though I should care.

In fact, he’s the reason I was inspired to give away the six I have now. Just to worsen the potential market he might have. I was going to hold onto them like a miser because I got sick of being asked for an invite when I didn’t have any left and I didn’t want to go through that pain again, but the above has given me motivation. So if you want one you need to drop me an email with your FIRST and LAST NAME and the email address you want me to send it to. Unless, of course, you’re one of the aforementioned idiots.

Update: The last of my invites were handed out as of 9:58 A.M.. That’s all for now.

9 thoughts on “More Gmail invites to hand out.

  1. I’ve got 8 to get rid of.  I’ve just been waiting for the right time.  Seems like now is it.  When you get rid of yours email me the info of the next 8 you have in line.  I’ll hook them up.

  2. Les,
    I’d be happy to be the proud recipient of an SEB handout. I’ll be checking my email as soon as I come back from waiting on line for some government cheese.


  3. Can anyone tell me what the fuss is all about? I realize that 1 gig of space is really a lot, but since most other services (like yahoo, which I use) have responded by offering at least 100 mb free, I don’t see the big advantage. At least not enough to cause such a scramble.

    Also, why do ‘invites’ exist? If its a free service? Just to tease people?

  4. The space is only part of the appeal. Google has built up a lot of trust and loyalty through their other services and that alone draws a lot of attention. The fact that you can only get in by invitation at the moment adds a bit of status as well. But I have to admit that the interface is what impressed me the most (and I’ve written an entry about that in the past) as I think it’s better than any of the other web based email systems I’ve ever used.

    It will eventually come out of beta and then anyone will be free to sign up without need of an invitation, but right now part of it’s allure is it’s supposed exclusivity.

  5. I have noted that Hotmails’ latest announcement is that if you don’t check your mail monthly they will suspend your account.  it’s all on the path to pay for service. G-mail will be free until google starts to have money trouble then they will move to a fee for service model. It’s oly a matter of time.

  6. Just a couple of things about GMail.  It wasn’t an official Google project to begin with.  The story goes that Google requires it’s employees to work one day a week on an unassigned project of their choice for their own personal enjoyment.  GMail is the result of one of these projects.  Instead of rolling it out full blown right away Google decided to “beta” it for a while and expand as they felt comfortable, first through invites, then through open registration when they were ready.  Now this isn’t gospel…it’s just what I’ve read elsewhere about it.  I could be totally wrong…it happens.  I stumbeled over this web site in my wanderings which raises some good questions about the service and google in general.  I think it’s mostly just paranoid delusions but better safe than sorry so I’ll use my GMail infrequently and for unimportant things and stick to my isp and personal linux mail server emails for anything important.

  7. Les, I have 6 I can give out as well… so after yours are gone (and Chaz’s 8) then let me know.

    I blogged about my 6 invites, only to find out that not even my own family needed them—except for my sister, who already had an account.  I think these are becoming harder to GIVE away now, much less sell like Mr. 1337 in your entry.

  8. Hi there, if anyone could send me a gmail invite I would appreciate it a lot! I have been looking for one for a while now.

    Thanks smile

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