Melvin is earning his title of official SEB Cat.

Time once again to talk about Melvin, The Official SEB Cat. By the end of the week he will have been a part of our family for a month total and he’s settled in pretty well so far. He’s not as friendly as I’d hoped in terms of not being a lap cat by any stretch of the imagination nor is he particularly fond of being picked up and held for any amount of time, but he definitely has the right attitude to be our official mascot. In short, he’s partially a lovable feline companion and partially an annoying little shit.

He seems to think that his ability to accomplish normal everyday activities, such as feeding himself, are worthy of your undivided attention. If there is no one in the general area of his food dish he will seek one of us out and pester us to follow him until we’re in the same room so we can watch him eat. It is a regular occurrence to have him come into our room and put on a show that makes Lassie look like a blithering idiot as he clearly indicates his desire for us to follow him which if we ignore will lead him to putting a paw on our arm and meowing as though Timmy were about to go under for the last time and we’d better hurry. Initially we thought this meant his food dish was empty, but his food dish is almost never empty because it appears he’ll only eat if he has an audience at hand.

He’s also very playful for a six year old cat and will often wait around corners and under tables to leap out and bap your leg or hand as you walk by as though you were a particularly large mouse he had just pounced on. He never uses his claws when he does this, but it can be somewhat startling just the same. He can get a little rough while playing in other capacities, though, and I’ve got a few minor scratches to show for it. Still, he’s learned what it means when I say “cut it out or I’ll spritz you” as he’s been on the receiving end of the water bottle we keep on hand for just such a purpose.

He tries to maintain a haughty air of indifference at all times, even when he’s trying to get your attention for some reason. He seems to really enjoy staying just out of reach when you offer to pet him while giving you a look that suggests he would rather die than allow you to scratch him behind the ears. He still loves sleeping amongst all the clutter in my bedroom closet. All in all, he fits in with the rest of us pretty well and has earned his place as the official SEB cat.

6 thoughts on “Melvin is earning his title of official SEB Cat.

  1. Remember:  you’re not a cat’s owner, you’re its patron.  You are permitted to support the cat in order to allow it to do its feline thing.

  2. Try this: roll up a loose ball of aluminum foil about two inches across and roll it right by him.  It drives both our cats nuts and they can’t get enough of it. 

    We just got 2 postcards from the vet – one for each cat – telling us that our cats are now considered “old” and should be brought in for an old-cat checkup. 

    GM is right – we’re pretty much here to entertain our cats.

  3. If there is no one in the general area of his food dish he will seek one of us out and pester us to follow him until we’re in the same room so we can watch him eat.

    I went through something similar with my cat.  She wouldn’t eat without me being in her presence.  I took her in when she was just four days old so I think she figured secure having me there.  When it came time for me to travel she wouldn’t eat at all and after speaking with a vet she suggested a small stuffed animal as a surrogate.  I let the cat play with it for a few weeks and allowed my scent to get on it.  That did the trick.  No matter where I put that stupid stuffed animal in the house it always ends up next to her food dish.

  4. You have a classic cat there, Les. He sounds like he should be an actor smile

    Remember: dogs have masters, cats have staff.

    ahh freaky…capcha is staff!

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