Kubrick EE v1.0 is finished.

OK, I’ve finished up the initial version of the Kubrick template conversion for ExpressionEngine that I’ve been working on. I’ve sent it off to Charles over at EE Templates and with any luck he’ll have it available for your downloading pleasure before too long.

This is NOT the final version of this template. It is simply a straight conversion of the original WordPress version and is missing some of the frills such as trackback listings. I’ll be updating it in the future to add additional functionality. Still, it should allow you to get a nice looking blog up and running in short order with a minimum of fuss. Enjoy.

Update: Looks like it’s now available for download.

Next up: Neil’s IcyBlue template.

9 thoughts on “Kubrick EE v1.0 is finished.

  1. Looks great. Very simple (read: well-done). But the black-blue one you have suits your site better. Scares off some people a little bit better wink

  2. Design credit goes entirely to Michael Heilemann. All I did was translate it to EE. I wish I could come up with something as clean and attractive as that. grin

  3. Yeah. The main index one does as well. Someone pointed that out to me after I released it. I’ll update a future release with a CHANGE THIS TO YOUR SITE in that bit of code and an extra step someplace in the install instructions.

    Hey, it was late at night when I released that. I claim sleepiness!

  4. Haven’t had time to work on it much lately, but I’ll see what I can do. I know several folks who have taken the basic layout I ported over and modified it a bit to add in those features though. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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