Japanese market a “breast enhancing” ring tone for your cell phone.

I read about this the other day and marveled at how American’s don’t have a lock on literally buying into stupid ideas. Seems some guy by the name of Hideto Tomabechi has developed a ring tone that he claims will make your breasts grow larger just by listening to it through some sort of subliminal effect. Considering that breast size is no small issue in Japan (sorry, couldn’t resist) you can probably imagine how this bit of silliness could find a receptive audience. In the first week of availability this miracle ring tone has been downloaded over 10,000 times.  Now the folks at Engadget have taken it upon themselves to satisfy your morbid curiosity by allowing you to hear for yourself what wondrous tune could possibly make your mammaries magnify:

Admit it, even though you know it’s totally bogus and totally crass, you’ve been dying to actually hear what that breast-enlarging ringtone they’ve been selling in Japan sounds like, right? Well, we got Gareth, our Tokyo correspondent, to download it to his phone and make a copy of it for us, which we’re making available to you as an MP3 (for educational purposes, of course). If you can’t be bothered to download it (or don’t want to take the risk of the ringtone actually having its advertised effect), we can tell you it sounds mainly like Yngwie Malmsteen playing a guitar solo, which for some reason makes perfect sense. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve been blasting this all morning and must now run out to get our first training bras.


Stunning, isn’t it? That’s supposedly all it takes.  But what if you don’t want bigger boobs? Not to worry, Tomabechi says he’s already got plans on the drawing board for ring tones aimed at improving memory, increasing attractiveness for the opposite sex, making hair sprout and quitting cigarettes.

What we really need is a ring tone that’ll increase people’s IQs.

13 thoughts on “Japanese market a “breast enhancing” ring tone for your cell phone.

  1. These people must really be desperate to fall for something as asinine as that.  I played it twice and no noticeable effect on the male breasts, a third playing was interrupted by the cat gnawing on my ankle to make it stop.

  2. a sucker born every minute.  Why doesn’t he create a ring tone that make people send him money and eliminate the subliminal bullshit.

  3. Many years ago, a then-popular German fast-food chain served hormonally treated chicken. They had many franchises on truck stops and plenty of truckers grew breasts. It was an ugly scandal.

  4. Oh come on, this is more of an advertisement gimmick than an actual working product. Your mere mention of it means that part of the advertisement is already working. You are now working as an ‘agent’ of the ring tone peddling their wares. Realise that this is not a one off product but rather they have a full range of other normal ringtone downloads. The key is for people to take notice of their firm go check it out and hoepfully use their services.

  5. Pop Tarts is closer to the reality than Shave is on this. It is basically a gimmic to get attention on the Wide Shows. The cell phone phenomina in Japan is unbelievable. There is of course the certain percentage of people who believe it is true. they also buy some of the most disgusting drinks and supplements to try to augment what nature has given them!! Oh well i am trying the “nose enlarger” ring right now…. OH honey!!!!!!

  6. Everything has a resonate frequency.  Sound will kill, US has had sound weapons for decades. The killing frequency for humans is around 7 hertz.  The correct frequency and power can brings buildings down or liquefy your liver. It is not inconceivable that a frequency can be found that could stimulate healing, cell reproduction or increasing the breast size. There are experiments being done using sound to promote healing and have had success, but not in this country the medical and drug industry is in control and does not want any non drug healing.  You obviously have less than a high school education, this is clear because of your 4 letter word vocabulary; you look like rather ignorant as well.  Maybe a sound to make your IQ larger would help!

  7. You make a lot of claims, but don’t provide anything to back them up. A few sources to verify your claims would go further than insulting my intelligence in convincing me you’re not a clueless twat.

    Hasn’t anyone ever told you that you shouldn’t judge one’s IQ by his use of four-letter words? Sure I use words like “fuck”, but I do so in a very intelligent manner.

  8. hi there.. is there a place to listen to this ring tone? just out of curiosity.
    i’ve seen a program on discovery science tv and i was wondering how it sounds like.

    have tried the links in the article.. but there is nothing there.

    if you have it, please send it to me over email.

  9. Actually Tomabechi is serious scientist and works with sound more than 15 years.
    He’s work was also shown in discovery channel.

    Breast enlarging tone was just a simple exapmle experiment.
    They work more on such issues as how to effect memory and emotions better.

  10. it is just like your post about selling human pheromones , it is some recent scientific discoveries that didn’t get its share of studies yet and companies mixed facts with fiction to sell you (snake oil and tits boom tone.

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