I got me some Star Wars DVDs.

A package arrived from Amazon.com today with the Star Wars DVD collection inside. We popped in the first disk to take a gander at while eating dinner and I must say that the movie has never looked better. Yeah I know all about the changes that’ve been made, but I don’t really care about that enough to let it overpower my love for the original trilogy. Full review later after we’ve made it through the set.

7 thoughts on “I got me some Star Wars DVDs.

  1. I bought the videos a few years back when the ads informed me that they’d never be released again. I saw the digitised re-releases at the theatre when the ads told me that it’s the only place I’d be able to catch them, then I bought those videos too when they were released a few months later. Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist the lure of the DVDs. No wonder Lucas has so much fucking money; I’m impotent against his powers. :’(

  2. I love the original trilogy, too.

    (I’ve been staring my 6-week old son in the eye and saying “Norman, join me and we will rule Kyoto as father and son—it is your destiny. “No……!!”)

    But, it’s hard to watch them now becaue they have been poisoned by the new ones, which are so awfull that they manage to make the old ones retroactively less fun to watch, because I know that they whole franchise has been betrayed like Han Solo in Cloud City. smile

  3. I’m certainly disappointed in the Episodes I and II, but I’m not sure how much of that is because they’re actually bad movies as much as my memories of the original trilogy being better than it actually was.

    Watching Episode IV last night I was struck by just how cheesy some of the dialog really is. I don’t remember it being that cheesy, but there it is and so I’m left to ponder if the new movies are as bad as I think or the original series wasn’t as good as I remember.

    In the end, I’m still a Star Wars fan and will probably get around to buying Episodes I, II and III when they’re available as a boxed set. There’s still a lot to love in all of them and, much like life, I just have to learn to accept the bad with the good.

  4. I got the DVDs yesterday. I agree the transfer is flawless, and I too still love the movies. However, I am serverly disgusted that the rumors that lucus superimposed Hayden Christianson at the end of Jedi turned out to be true. I truly hate Episodes I and II in all their spectacular badness, and this move by lucus almost poisons the experience of the original trilogy even more.

    That said, these are still great movies. Yes, some of the writing in Episdoe IV is a little sloppy. But Lucus let Kasden helm Empire, which is why that movie is the best of the three. If only he had done the same for Episodes I-III.

  5. My libertarian nature agrees with Lucas that he has the right to go back and change his creation if he really wants to and I have the right not to purchase them if I’m not that happy about it. So while some of the changes are annoying, quite a few of the others do enhance things a bit, so I try not to let them bother me too much.

    At least he hasn’t pulled an ET on us yet and started replacing the weapons with walkie talkies.

  6. My libertarian nature as well forces me to agree with you. Some of the changes irk me, but I like the original trilogy too much to have not gotten this set.

    Incidently, is anyone else excited to play the Star Wars: Battlefronts game? From what I’ve read it’s pretty descent. But the fact that you can kill Ewoks is a definite plus.

  7. The DVD release marks the fourth time I’ve purchased the Star Wars Trilogy. This is the best presentation by far. Crisp picture quality and the sound is absolutely amazing. I plan on getting Revenge of the Sith when it’s released on DVD and I’ll watch the whole damn saga back to back in a day. Why? Because I’ll be able to.

    If they release a six-film boxed set in the future-I’ll buy it. Why? Because I’m that freakin’ dorky enough to do it.

    I can’t wait until my still-unborn daughter is old enough to watch these films and hopefully she’ll enjoy them as much as I have. Although, I will make sure she watches them in the same order I did; starting at Episode IV.

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