How I spent my Labor Day weekend.

Things have been a little quiet around here the past four days and that’s because I took the weekend off from blogging, for the most part anyway. I took Friday off so I could have a nice four-day weekend for a change and boy do I feel better for having done so. I spent a good part of the weekend playing the World of Warcraft stress test as it’s the first MMORPG to get me excited in a long time. The stress test ends sometime tomorrow so I don’t have much more playing time ahead of me, but I’ll write up my impressions in another entry later.

We managed to catch up with my good buddy and fellow SEB author Eric Paulsen over the weekend. He came over Saturday and spent several hours with us just hanging out and chatting and Anne made us a nice round steak dinner to share with him. Eric will be absent from SEB for a bit as he’s had to discontinue his DSL service for the time being. He was laid off from EDS months back and while he’s managed to find work again it’s at a much reduced pay-rate than what he was making at EDS.

We also made a trip out to see a friend of the family who was having trouble getting her upgrade for Norton Internet Security to install. She had ordered it online as a downloadable purchase, but is on dial-up and it kept failing before getting very far. I needed to install SP2 and tweak a couple of other things for her as well so we ended up bringing her system home for the night on Sunday and I hooked it up to our router here to do the upgrades. It still took awhile as it’s a pretty old machine and is just slow by nature, but I got it done in one evening and Anne took it back over yesterday.

Momma called the relatives down in Florida to make sure they made it through hurricane Frances OK and word has it everyone is fine and the damage for them has been minimal. I will probably end up calling sometime this week myself just because I haven’t heard from them in a long time. Hopefully all of you Florida bloggers and readers made it through in good shape as well.

Beyond that most of the rest of my weekend was spent being lazy and enjoying every minute of it. Now I should head off to work before I end up being late.

2 thoughts on “How I spent my Labor Day weekend.

  1. Yeah, WOW looks cool. I did one of their earlier betas. Another game you might want to check out is Guildwars. It’s due out sometime around Christmas, and is shaping up to be an excellent MMORPG, especially due to the fact that it is buy once, pay once, play forever. Not buy once, and keep paying and paying and paying and paying wink

  2. Les, please pass on that Eric is missed and that Stupid Evil Bastard just isn’t quite as stupid, evil, or bastardly without him.

    I know we all look forward to when he is back and ranting.

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