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Seeing as the Prison Bitch Name Generator that Brock wrote about awhile back was so popular, I thought you guys would want to know about the Hacker Handle Generator.  Simply type in your name or your current handle and it’ll spit out a new suggestion based on what you’ve submitted.

When I typed in Les Jenkins my suggested handle was: Dead Lamer, which in many ways is close to my gaming handle of Dead God.

Shortening it to just Les got me: Psycho Data. Not bad.

So then I typed in Dead God and got: Packet Bios X. Hmmmm. Hard to pick which one I like better.

22 thoughts on “Hacker Handle Generator

  1. elwedriddsche -> Corrupt Soldier
    elwed -> Crypto Mole

    shrub -> angry overlord -> Alpha Angel
    rummy -> l33t Enigma
    condi -> Unknown Overlord
    cheney -> Serial Cowboy

  2. John Hoke—> Mind Stealer
    John P. Hoke—> Parallel Vampire X
    The Asylum—> Paranoid Phantom

    hmmm… Which to pick, which to pick…

    How about Paranoid Phantom Vampire Mind Stealer

  3. I I ever feel the need to wreak hacking havoc, it will be under the name of ‘Cyber Toxic Crisis’.

    Now there’s a handle.

    DID YOU KNOW THE HANDLE ‘George Bush’ gets????

    Get this: Dead Void.

    How true….

  4. Bow to the l33tness of Parallel Goon, y0!

    My lj-username converts to Techno Mole…well, I’ve been called a slapper, but never a mole raspberry

    My birth name becomes Dark Pulsar…oo nice one for the astromony girl.

  5. OB—> Evil Reaper
    ObnoxiousBitch—> Cyanide Overflow X
    Rox—> Network Doom
    my legal name—> Hex Wizard
    my maiden name—> Root Kermit

    Ok, that last one just brings to mind Muppet-Porn!    Of course, my favorites are the first two; which makes sense, since I enjoy so much more being in the guise of my alter-ego ObnoxiousBitch, than the daily grind of being my boring old, work-my-ass-off-for-the-corporate-master self.

    Too much fun raspberry

  6. Stop the presses – we have proof of a Osama bin Laden – George Walker Bush connection!!!!!!!!!!!

    Osama bin Laden => Myst Ghost

    George Walker Bush = Silent Myst

    Their conspiracy to move the whole world back to fundamentalism is unraveling…

  7. Hmmm. Night Denial  Talk about a DOS attack.

    Bill Gates = ‘Syntax Sniffer’
    Pat Robertson = ‘Underground Grapefruit’
    Charles Darwin = ‘Holographic Worm’

  8. My real name came to: Covert Monkey which is close to my p2p handle of Download Monkey.

    thejynxed : Cypher Oxide
    my first name only: Blood Phreaker
    my girlfriend’s first name: Data Jihad
    OU812 (my gaming handle): Leet Doom -evil cackle-

  9. Amber Hughes- Oldskool Pulsar

    Sierra Renegade- Psyco Sorcerer

    Amber- Neon Sacrifice

    Wowness…such cool names 😀

  10. eccod = Leet Crisis!
    That’s not a bad one.

    My full name = Evil Knight (that’s pretty lame)
    t0xicwaste = Crash Viper (not too good)
    satan = Ghost Smurf (nice one)
    god = Common Exodus (getting better)
    n00b = Blue Bios (pretty good)

    pretty cool!

  11. When I type in my assigned name from the Prison Bitch Name Generator I get a new name of Dead Cool.

    Just call me DE4d k3wL +u5H t@$T3r.

    ON s3CoND Th0u9h+, sCR4+CH th4T Id3@.

  12. ph34R mY l33t h4X0r sK1llz, 4 1 @m:

    Red Array


    Linus Torvalds ==> Syntax Myst
    Richard Stallman ==> Darth Outlaw
    Colin L. Powell ==> Leet Override (heh)

  13. I have seen a hacker name Evil Freak before, but that name has already bene taken

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