Guess who got into the World of Warcraft beta stress test?

Betcha can’t guess who it was! Betcha betcha betcha! OK, it was ME! YAY ME! Yep, I get to partake in an early sneak peak at World of Warcraft starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow, September 2nd at 12:00 noon PDT, stress test beta participants will be able to create their World of Warcraft accounts and begin playing the game. Their participation will help us optimize our account-creation and server infrastructure, and enable us to deliver the best online experience possible when the game launches later this year. We want to thank everyone who applied for the stress test beta, and we look forward to seeing the new testers online tomorrow when the stress test beta starts.

Admittedly, I didn’t get into the beta proper and the stress test is only good for a week’s worth of play, but at least I get to try it out before it’s released as this is one of the few MMORPG’s I’ve been seriously looking forward to for a long time now. So, I’m your basic happy camper right now.

Boy am I glad I decided to take Friday off and have a four day weekend!

10 thoughts on “Guess who got into the World of Warcraft beta stress test?

  1. I’m fairly certain that 100,000 players, all told they have one week to play, will crash the servers.

    I’m going to fire the client up as well, but honestly I’m fairly pessimistic about getting to play.

  2. Heh, I’m in switzerland, no way I can participate in the stress test beta, and the european beta hasn’t even started. Strangely enough, if you google for “wow stress test”, you find this post of mine even before Blizzard’s site, altough I don’t really (actually, even “really don’t” provide any information gulp

    I’d so like to see the game. Will you post some screenshots? *drools a little*

  3. Daryl, well of course it’ll crash the servers. That’s kind of the point, ain’t it? grin Can’t know if you’ve got enough horsepower to run the show if you don’t put it to the test and try and break it.

    Guido, if I’m allowed to post screen shots then you can bet that I probably will. I’ll have to take a second look at the agreement and I’d assume I’m not allowed to, but I’ll take some anyway and when the time comes that I can share them I’ll put them up.

  4. I have a File Planet freebie account, but I don’t pay for the service. If I were going to pay for one it’d probably be FileShack as I think it’s a better service.

    File Planet subscribers got first consideration, but then they opened it up to the freebie people.

  5. I have to say I’m impressed.  Hardly any lag, even the first night of the Stress Test.  Herb and I are playing—don’t remember the server name but it ends with “dormu” and we play Alliance.

    Oh, and post all the screenshots you want.  The NDA was lifted about 3 months ago.  They dropped the NDA when the first non-employees got into beta.  Smart move, in my opinion.

  6. Sweet! I got on yesterday too and no crashes, almost no lag, and I got a Nightelf Rogue up to level 8 before I quit for the night. Don’t recall which server I’m on either, but if it’s different from where you and Herb are then I’ll make the switch and start a new character.

    Of course, I’ll need to know your character names. Oh, and I’ve got screenshots! Woot! See new entry.

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