For sale on eBay - Master U-shaped Kryptonite style lock w/ two keys.

Sometimes the best and funniest social commentary turns up where you least expect it to:

Like new, this Master U-lock is perfect for temporarily attaching your bike or scooter to a pole or bike rack. This temporary attachment is very handy if your bike does not have a proper kick-stand.

It’s sturdy steel design and black color are intimidating for thieves who don’t have a way to open it.

Comes with two keys. Keep one with you, and the other safe at home in your desk drawer.

Someone has put tooth-marks into one of the keys, probably by chewing on it.

You have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

Found via Engadget.

8 thoughts on “For sale on eBay - Master U-shaped Kryptonite style lock w/ two keys.

  1. The questions to the seller are just as funny as the item itself! 

    Q:Are you selling more than one? Final exams are coming up and I am afraid two keys will not be enough to help me complete my tests.

  2. I’ve been wondering.Does this key method work on all round locks?Like maybe alarm systems,vending machines and appliances like freezers?

  3. From what I’ve read at places such as—which just put up an entry about this very topic—this is a common failing of this sort of lock, but it’s very dependent on the pen being just the right size to fit properly. Word has it this vulnerability has been known about in some circles from as far back as 1992. Kryptonite made the following statement about the problem in a later interview with Reuters on their plans to replace defective locks:

    “This is not just a Kryptonite concern,” a Kryptonite spokeswoman told Reuters. “This is an issue with some tubular cylinders, not all. Anything with a tubular cylinder could be a concern including vending machines, coin-operated machines, other security products.”

    So it appears that any tubular style lock could be at risk.

  4. Come to think of it, we have laptop locking cables at work that use this very same type of lock. I’ll have to break out my Bic pens and see if they can be easily opened tomorrow morning.

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