Engadget has pics and vids of Sony’s PSP at TGS.

As long as I’m linking to Engadget I may as well point to a couple of entries they did on Sony’s showing of the Playstation Portable (PSP) at the Tokyo Game Show this past weekend. First there’s this collection of photos from the event showing off various details including the UMD discs and inline remote for the unit.

Most disturbing part: to prevent anyone from “accidentally” walking off with one, Sony kept all their PlayStation Portable demonstration consoles strapped to these trade show girls, forcing geeks to make friendly with the fairer sex if they actually wanted to play with one (a PSP, that is).

It’s a true testament to the geekiness of the guys that they were able to focus at all on what was happening on the PSP display as opposed to the attractive young women leashed to the units. Come to think of it, Sony could probably sell a hellalot of these if they included the girls with them.

Then there’s this entry which links to a video clip at Wireless Watch Japan showing what you really want to see: The PSP in action.

You can call me officially impressed! Sony claimed the PSP would come close to the PS2 in terms of gaming power and if the initial footage is anything to go by I’d say they’re not bragging much at all. My interest is definitely piqued, but the final price will still play a large role in determining if I get one anytime remotely soon after they launch.

3 thoughts on “Engadget has pics and vids of Sony’s PSP at TGS.

  1. She’s Japanese elwed, her figure looks like she was predispositioned that way.  Now if it was someone from stateside I’d be a little worried.  wink 

    That being said, I really hope I make it out to E3 once I break into the industry.  Studying to become a game programmer is tough stuff these days, requiring years of schooling and knowledge of just about all types of mathematics.  The least they can do is send me to E3 once or twice, if only for the carnal pleasures. smile

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