D.J. Pickle’s Party Penguin Place

My nephew, Dakota, has started his own blog called D.J. Pickle’s Party Penguin Place showing that blogging really is like an infection you can pass onto your loved ones without really trying. He joins his sister, whom I’m not certain I had mentioned has also started her own blog called Cherry Chik’s Place, and both are just getting their toes wet on the whole blogging thing.

Dakota is struggling at the moment trying to come up with stuff to blog about that will attract some commenters. I suggested he should blog about what interests him and that he knows about, which tends to be largely video games (making yet another insidious infection I managed to pass onto my brother’s off-spring). One of the things he needs to come to grips with is the power of the multi-sentenced entry.  So far he’s managed four entries of which only one is more than a single sentence (it’s two sentences) so he’s not quite got the grasp of this yet. Still, he’s asked for a little help in attracting commenters so if you’d like to give my nephew a thrill and perhaps some suggestions on what he might write about then head on over to his blog and drop him a note or two with some pointers. Keep in mind he’s all of 11 and a pretty good kid so go easy on him.


4 thoughts on “D.J. Pickle’s Party Penguin Place

  1. Awwwww, how sweet. I’ll try to comment…Not all that far off from his age myself.  I’m all of seventeenwink

  2. UPDATE:  I made a post on your nephew’s blog, and hopefully he now knows how to use URL tags in his posts.  smile  I’ll be honest though and come out with it and say that you’re niece’s blog scares me, and I’m not sure if it’s beyond redemption or not.  Maybe you could buy her a spellchecker for Christmas?  raspberry

  3. You’re a kewl uncle, Les!  The best thing about nieces and nephews is that you can love ‘em and spoil ‘em and then send ‘em home to torment their parents (karmic payback for our sibs!). wink  Isn’t it great to at least have SOME kids who don’t think you’re the biggest dork ever placed on the Earth, with the sole purpose of giving them life and then 13 years later becoming an embarrassment to them?  rolleyes

    I’m getting my chance to be the Kewl Auntie too!

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