Detroit area one of the Broadband Kings.

The folks over at link to a survey that lists Detroit as one of the leading cities for broadband penetration.

San Diego, Phoenix, and Detroit lead the nation in broadband penetration, according to a new survey released today by Nielsen/NetRatings. On the other side of the spectrum, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh were the least broadband wired (large cities with penetration rates under forty percent). “Our data indicates that U.S. coastal cities, which tend to be more affluent communities with large professional workforces, are more connected via broadband while those located more inland are still connected via narrowband,” says analyst Corey Jeffery.

The comments in the entry are pretty amusing in as much as they concentrate on Detroit’s image as a nasty, burned-out shell of a city which isn’t an entirely true depiction. It also ignores the fact that the survey took the surrounding suburbs into account in making their determinations and when you do that it’s easy to see why the Detroit area is near the top of the list. Between Comcast, Wide Open West, Time-Warner, and Charter Communications there are very few places in the Detroit area that you can’t get cable modem service and in many places, such as Canton where I live, you have a choice between at least two cable companies. When you toss in DSL from SBC and any of a number of other providers the opportunities get that much better.

For that matter broadband access is becoming quite common outside of the Metro area as well with the likes of Charter having a huge chunk of rural Michigan under their broadband belt (Momma uses Charter for her broadband) and there’s a number of high-speed wireless providers moving into the rural areas as well. Michigan may be a somewhat boring state by some standards, but we loves us our broadband here.

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  1. tongue wink After telling Les for years that we have no need for internet speed—we find we have!  Charter sure has helped in our situation.  Now we have a wireless setup in the basement and two floors with computer on them.  Two years ago I didn’t even know what broadband meant.

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