Counter-Strike: Source is everything you already love with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles.

My buddy Rob took pity on me today and allowed me to make use of his Steam account to try out the beta version of Counter-Strike: Source. Rob’s in the beta because he bought a new ATI video card last year when they were giving away vouchers for a free copy of HL2 along with the cards. He’s not a CS fan, though, so until HL2 itself is released he’s not too interested in checking things out.

Me, I’m a long-time Counter-Strike player. I’m decent enough at the game that I’ve actually been banned from a server or two because the admins thought I was cheating which is why I miss the days of Detroit CS, a local server which I was fortunate enough to be an admin on until it went offline. I’ve invested entirely too much time playing that game and the more I see of the Source version the more my anticipation builds. So it was with no small amount of glee that I logged into Steam tonight and downloaded the beta to try out. There’s a screenshot on the right here that shows a little of what the game looks like. It still plays a lot like the CS you’ve known and loved for years except it looks amazingly better and there are some subtle differences that do affect game play. Smoke grenades, for example, are actually damned useful now and flash bangs in CS: Source are things to fear. Hiding behind crates will actually keep you from being damaged by frag grenades, unlike in previous versions of the game, but now armor is no where near as effective if you get caught by one. The random objects scattered around a level which you can interact with are nice as well.

I didn’t even mind the fact that the past several hours of gaming was done on the one CS map I hate the most: Dust. Which, naturally, is one of the more popular maps ever. Some servers had the Aztec map to play as well, but I didn’t get a chance to try that one out tonight. Tomorrow perhaps. Right now I have to go to bed and dream of the day that HL2 hits store shelves.

7 thoughts on “Counter-Strike: Source is everything you already love with lots of whipped cream and sprinkles.

  1. Sounds good grin.  Are the weapon choices any different? That’s what always attracted me to Counterstrike over Day of Defeat.  I do however enjoy DoD’s play style more thus tend to play it more now a days (that and I got addicted to Lineage II and my CS clan died so I have nowhere fun to play CS anymore). I suck so much as CS that it annoys me when I get killed less than a minute into the round and have to wait 3-5 minutes for the next one.

    Ok that’s enough rambling from me for one post…

  2. No big changes in the weapons though there is some subtle changes in how they handle, rate of fire, and so on, but that’s pretty much true every time a major new version comes out. The riot shield is nowhere to be seen which will make some people happy, though it’s reportedly supposed to come back in a future update.

    I’ve heard it said that CS: Source is effectively CS 1.5 on the new engine and that’s pretty much what it feels like. It’s basically the same game, but with the physics engine and the enhanced graphics it looks and feels a lot better and some of the weapons take on new importance due to the upgrade in realism. Being blinded and deafened by a flash bang is a way cool effect and more than a little terrifying.

  3. Yup – can’t wait till it comes out, I saw a friend playing at the LAN party I was at over the weekend, it does look much better than CS.

    Les, you’re welcome to come to the server I sometimes play on – check out for the info – the server is run out of Michigan in Farmington Hills!

  4. hey i want to join a clan and i am good too but know one is better than me that i can find my recored in ice world iin ccs in 105-6(deths)but know one is better …soo i need help

  5. Well you’re unlikely to find that here. This isn’t a Counter-Strike Clan site. I’d suggest starting someplace like CS-Nation.

  6. I have read you before, but have not been here in a while… did not know you were a big CS player… I was actually searching for local servers and I bumped into this post.  Now I will have to read morea bout your CS addiction.

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