Compare and Contrast: Bush vs. Kerry on the issues.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Mac over at pesky’apostrophe and how jealous I am of her ability to pump out entries effortlessly, but now she’s given me even more reason to blog stalk her with her excellent series of entries comparing Bush vs Kerry on the issues.  Starting with healthcare and stretching through today’s entry on veterans and military, Mac lays out what the candidates are saying, what they’ve promised in the past, and what they’ve actually done. For someone like myself who’s more interested in issues than negative attack ads this is a dream come true and has actually raised my opinion of Kerry quite a bit. If you haven’t already checked it out then go do so and see why I love this woman so.

11 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: Bush vs. Kerry on the issues.

  1. Thanks for the plug! It’s a good thing I have the day off—my mouth was hanging open in amazement when I was researching the veterans and military issue.  Stunned.

  2. Mac amazes me with her blog. I can’t imagine how she does it. This last adventure blows me away and is a little overwhelming to say the least.

  3. It amazes me that Mac work full-time and keep up the quality of her blog.  Can’t we all pitch in to support her and Mr. Fish so she can write full-time?

  4. Kerry, today in Iowa, stated that in the first few hours of his regime he shall send Congress a bill mandating healthcare for *all* of America’s non-insured.

    Bush wouldn’t dare.

    The Democratic Party is America’s hope for a prosperous, and fair-n-healthy, future.  If you grandparents and poor-neighbors deserve healthcare, vote Democrat in both Presidential and Congressional elections.

    Democrats party members care about a fair and healthy America.

    Join today to build a fair future for America.
    (click it, go ahead, and see what they offer!)

    (unenrolled independants = apathetic/defeatists/cynics)


  5. pesky’apostrophe is a great site I just checked it out, thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will add it to the sites I view everyday. I don’t know where I will find the time to add to my site. Just commenting on half the things that deserve my attention is a challenge. Kerry is looking better every day.

  6. Just wait ‘till you try to keep up with Mac. She writes many post a day and if you don’t stop by for a few days, you’ll have to go back a page or two to get caught up. If she wrote full time, I would have to stop working to keep up. I don’t think the wife would like that.

  7. question Ya know im not sure, but one of the canidates is possibley the anti-christ. Im leaning more towards Bush because he may be the one who is trying to deceive us the most with what he calls his faith . He claims he talked to god before he went to war in Iraq, which i think is utter bullshit . I think george bush is the anti-christ and will only send the world spiraling in a downward hell in the future .

  8. Stumbled across this sight and started reading a little. Mac and SEB’s comments on Bush and Kerry’s stands on military and veterans provide SOME of the info, but not all. First of all, let me say I am a 22 year Navy veteran, now retired and 60% disabled. One of the items you mentioned was Kerry’s addition to the veterans called Concurent Reciept. Bush authorized the Concurrent reciept bill over a year ago, something I might add the previous Democrate’s not just failed to pass but refused to pass. Another item or 2 that it seems the American public has failed to remember is the John Kerry in essence is a TRAITOR. Do we all forget what he did after he left the Navy? Do we forget his meetings in Paris with the Communist Viet Cong, while he was still a member of the Naval Reserve I might add. His discharge was other than honorable. It was upgraded to Honorable in 1978 by the Carter Administration at his request. Do we all forget his numerous outings with that communist B**** Jane Fonda and his denouncing of the administration, the military and this country? And this was the man we wanted to be President of the most powerful country in the free world? Why don’t we just call in the Al Qeida and Bin Laden to sit on his cabinet, run our military etc.
    I can sit here today and say from experience that neither is the greatest man for the job, but at least Bush didn’t and hasn’t misled the american people the way Kerry has. I personally admit I voted for Bush. I’m glad he won. Maybe in 4 years we both parties will have found someone who is capable of the job and worthy of it.

  9. John, you lost any possibility of having me take you seriously the moment you decided to call Kerry a traitor. You’re just another nutball commenter at this point.

    Besides, it’s a little late to even bother with this now. The election is over.

  10. John, you lost any possibility of having me take you seriously the moment you decided to call Kerry a traitor. You’re just another nutball commenter at this point.

    Treason charges can be brought against anyone, so long as they are alive, no matter how many years have passed.

    Even Ashcroft doesn’t think Kerry is a traitor; After all, if he did think such, does anyone seriously (read: sanely) think a man like Ashcroft would *not* have attempted to go after Kerry on such charges ?

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