CD Anti-Copy Protection defeated by a single keypress.

Our latest undefeatable CD copy protection being defeated easily story is brought to us by Neil’s World:

I’m totally awed by the copy protection on the new Bowling For Soup album (“The Hangover You Don’t Deserve” ). Upon insertion, it installs a music player which lets you play the songs on the album, and also appears to modify the ASPI layer in Windows, presumably to stop you from ripping the CD. It also includes a copy of the Lame DLL for some reason.

At least, that would happen if you didn’t hold down the SHIFT key to disable autorun when you insert the CD. If you do then you can rip the CD with no problems.

Shhhhh! Not so loud! This is supposed to be a secret!

6 thoughts on “CD Anti-Copy Protection defeated by a single keypress.

  1. What Elwed said.  I have never found autorun anything but an annoyance. But it will keep most users from ripping the CD.  What really annoys me is that it dinks around with my system!  What if the changes it makes degrade my system? (which they most assuredly will)

  2. Yikes, I hate autorun *shiver*
    Windows XP seems to think it knows how to handle my media better than I do… that annoys me!

    It’s definitely within “fair use” to rip a cd to mp3 on your hard drive.
    I have at least 8-9 gigs of music from my cds on mine!
    There is no reason for them to try and stop you from ripping the cd, and installing a special player is a waste of system resources.
    No wonder people don’t have control over their pcs like I do (my pc is my bitch)

    And why does it install the lame codec? You don’t need it to play cd audio. Weird…

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