Bush is making America safe from his own supporters!

Now here’s a wonderful story of how President Bush is making America safer. Seems some poor 16 year-old kid by the name of Benjamin Traslavina was at the Republican National Convention as part of the Junior Statesmen Foundation group which is a nonpartisan education organization designed to prepare students nationwide for effective leadership in student government. Benjamin writes for is school newspaper and he apparently thought it would be a good story when the folks from ACT Up stood up at one point during the convention to stage a protest so he tried to get a little closer to snap a picture or two, but before he got very far they were already being led away so he sat back down. Problem is that the Secret Service apparently felt he’d gotten too close to the protesters and they grabbed him and carted him off with the rest of the ACT Up folks.

They got the wrong guy – Newsday.com

“He apparently was identified as someone who was a participant in the demonstration, but from everything we know, it’s a total case of mistaken identification,” Prosser said. “I didn’t see him go, but students saw him. Some of our students and staff said, ‘Wasn’t that Benjamin taken away with the demonstrators?’ Our reaction was that it had to be a case of mistaken identity. We honestly believed it would be resolved and sorted out.”

But it wasn’t. Even though the Act Up protesters told authorities that Benjamin wasn’t part of the group, he was taken away in metal handcuffs. They took his camera and threw away his film. He also had credentials, but those were taken too.

“I was cooperative,” he said. “I assumed it would work out and I wouldn’t be sent to jail and left overnight.”

He was wrong. Not only did it not get sorted out and he did spend the night in jail, but he was charged with a felony :

“At every step of the way, I told just about everybody that I wasn’t part of the protest,” Benjamin said, sitting Friday on the front porch of his family’s Lynbrook home. “I was frightened when I first got in and extremely frightened when I was informed of the charges.”

Amazingly enough this happened in spite of the fact that the executive director of the Junior Statesmen Foundation told the Secret Service that Benjamin was part of his group and the folks from ACT Up told the police that Benjamin wasn’t part of their group. No one listened. Worse, no one informed his mother.

Benjamin was loaded onto a police wagon and taken to Chelsea Piers for processing. He was checked for weapons and his mug shot was taken.

Meanwhile, the student group had contacted Benjamin’s mother, Eileen, who was frantically looking for her son. She didn’t find out where he was until midnight, when a police officer let Benjamin make a call from his cell phone.

“I couldn’t get any information,” his mother said. “For 12 hours we didn’t know where he was. It was like he vaporized.”

Benjamin was then taken to 100 Centre Street, still with the Act Up protesters. There, he was moved from holding cell to holding cell.

By Thursday afternoon, he was allowed to meet with a lawyer from the Lawyer’s Guild. He found out the charges against him—a felony for inciting a riot, a misdemeanor for assault and a violation for disorderly conduct.

Welcome to Bush’s America, kid. If this clown gets reelected you can expect more of this kind of crap.

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  1. WTF!!??  More and more stories like this – bullies in law enforcement, amazingly out-of-proportion charges, no one will listen…

    I like a good scare, but in action movies, please!  Not in real life.  This shit is just Orwellian.  Some nightmare hiding just behind the curtain suggests that the press release explaining why elections are “postponed for national security reasons” has already been written. (shudder)

  2. The second thing that scares me after that is Shrub’s intonation of a “calling from beyond the stars.”

    I don’t know why but I got goosebumps when I heard that. There’s a terrible feeling creeping down my spine that seems to hint to me that I missed something.

  3. They were just trying to send a message to future journalists.  Sit down, shut up, don’t ask questions, and our White House Spokesman will deliver to you that which you need to know.

    Elwed – Don’t go back to Europe.  As long as you have nothing disagreeable in your dossier to hide, you have nothing to fear from the Bush regime.

    I’m going out to paint a flag on the side of my house now.

    captcha = ‘service’  I most certainly did not give my services to this country in one war and a Bosnian civil conflict for this shit.

  4. Be prepared for the worse folks. Osama’s going to be captured sometime in mid October. My guess is that he has already been caught and they are just waiting for a key moment to announce that he has “just” been caught.

    This kind of story is nothing really new. If you haven’t seen the site yet, check out http://www.brownequalsterrorist.com. The guy who runs the site had a run-in with Homland Security for taking pictures of a tourist atraction!

    As for the “security” of the RNC? 5 maybe 6 incidents in 4 nights? Are we supposed to believe that the Republicans can protect our country when they can’t even protect their own convension!? Sheesh!

  5. Elwed – Don’t go back to Europe.  As long as you have nothing disagreeable in your dossier to hide, you have nothing to fear from the Bush regime.

    But that’s the rub, isn’t it? How do I know what is buried in some database or other? The legal situation of a US citizen is steadily eroding and as a permanent resident it’s precarious at best. By the way, you may want to check my blog for the entry on the draft…

    It’s sad, really.

    Interestingly enough, where we live I see more and more Kerry signs go up, but not a single Bush one.

  6. This is bad on so many levels. Benjamin wants to go to Columbia but is now worried about the felony charge on his record. His parents are looking for a lawyer who will bill at who knows what rate. Then comes tuition if he does get admitted. By the tie he graduates there may be a draft …

    A while back one of Bush’s profs at Harvard business school wrote an article for the Harvard Crimson with his observations about Bush the student. Friday morning they interviewed him on Air America. Here are a couple of paragraphs from their web site along with some of the audio from the interview.

    Yoshi Tsurumi was one of President Bush’s professors at Harvard Business School.  He remembers Bush as an intellectually shallow, pathological liar without any moral compass.  So has he gotten any better with age?  Listen and find out.

    You know how Bush is really good at getting others to do his dirty work for him?  Tsurumi explains how our Commander in Chief used to do the same exact thing at Harvard.  And Tsurumi does some dirty work himself by grading the President’s acceptance speech.  Listen here.

    Professor, why didn’t you give him an F back then?

  7. Interestingly enough, where we live I see more and more Kerry signs go up, but not a single Bush one.

    It’s funny that you mention that.  I live just over the hill from you in San Antonio and I’m seeing the same thing.

    I would absolutely love it if Bush kept screwing around in Ohio and lost Texas.

    Oh, one way to keep from having a draft is to keep the economy in the crapper.  It’s easy to keep unemployment figures low when your administration changes the rules for reporting and applying for unemployment. 

    Under Bush, after six months you’re no longer considered unemployed *poof* you’re just out of work.  Takes care of those nagging little numbers.

  8. The New York police were way over the top after the big march before the convention. If you had a liberal arts education like mine you would have been lectured by your professors that Weinmar Germans had one of the most robust and active body politic to that time. Everybody was politicaly aware, but still Hitler and his band of manipulators were able to control the meme and were handed control carteblanc control. Even after the majority became aware of the true goal of the Nazi, the inertia was to great for the majority to oppose. The bitter fact is that because Hitler was such a monster, we can’t compare anyones similar actions to his without being labled as some kind of left wing crazy. Beware the tar brush for it blackens everything it touches.

  9. Thank you Les for posting this.  With Bush’s version of the Secret Service, freedom of the press is a joke.  What the fuck is with throwing away the kids film.  Was it evidence???  If not then that mean spirited action was nothing short of intentional suppression of the free press.  Many news organization that are not favorable to the president can’t get white house press credentials because they only want the reporters that are going to tell THEIR story.  God…We have GOT to get this guy out of here.  Anybody else notice tha the Secret Services initials are SS???  Believe you me, my Jewish friends have put that one together considering the way thay are acting!

    Anyways, thanks for pointing out this story.

  10. You actually expect anything less from this administration? Come on, these are the same folks who on command from the RIAA, busted two 12 year old girls for sharing some pathetic Top 40 mp3s. The same people who recently entered the homes of 5 people, took their computers, phones, software, cell phones, and other assorted materials on the claim that “They are evil filesharers who were sharing 40 petabytes of pirated material over the DC networks.” Let me tell you, they couldn’t have been sharing 40 petabytes. That would require several THOUSAND 350 GB hard drive arrays, and the electrical supply AND bandwidth to share them all. I mean really, don’t be surprised at ANYTHING this administration does. And here is a nice list: http://www.thousandreasons.org/listB.html

  11. WTF. I am so sick of hearing about crap like this. But you know what? You could compile all the F’d up sh*t that this administration does, from environmental degradation to greasing billionaire palms, and shove it rudely in the face of the average American, and you’d still hear the same response> “duuuuh – I think he’s a’doin’ a real goooood job. (cartoon-like misic in the background) Yes sir, gonna vote for that Bush mmmhmmm.” (barf)

  12. Not only can we expect more of the same, we can expect worse.

    Thank GOD for dual citizenship and passports.  Get me the hell out of here if he wins again.

  13. So, uh… wonder who that poor kid’s family is voting for now?

    A lot of horror stories are just coming out now about people being arrested and detained at Pier 57 in NYC… expect the “Bush Bounce” to become a “Bush Backlash” real soon.

  14. Protester arrested during a Laura Bush campaign speech in Hamilton   NJ. This was a news item yesterday and the latest instance of a protester being arrested at a Bush campaign rally.

    Police escorted Sue Niederer, of Hopewell, N.J., from a rally at a firehouse after she demanded to know why her son, Army 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin, 24, was killed in Iraq. Dvorin died in February while trying to disarm a bomb.

    As shouts of “Four More Years” subsided, Niederer, standing in the middle of a crowd of some 700, continued to shout about the killing of her son. Local police escorted her from the event, handcuffed her and put her in the back of a police van.

    Niederer was later charged with defiant trespass and released.

    No sympathy from the crowd or Mrs Bush. One of the women in the crowd shouted something like ‘your son volunteered to go to war’.

    Defiant trespass, is that something like the old Army infringement mute insolence? (I am a fan of W. E. B. Griffin.)

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