A few random thoughts I had this morning.

It occurred to me, for reasons I’m not entirely certain, that I have a habit of getting out of the shower to dry off when it would really make more sense to stay in the shower to dry off because then I wouldn’t get the floor and bathroom rugs all wet. As I stood there dripping water all over the floor and rugs I realized that I have always done this ever since I can first remember bathing myself with the only exceptions being those rare occasions when there was someone else in the bathroom. Sometimes I’ll stay in the shower to dry off even when that someone else in the bathroom is my wife whom I’m otherwise perfectly comfortable being naked around. For the life of me I can’t begin to figure out why the hell I have to get out of the shower before I can dry myself off with a towel other than I got into the habit and don’t think about it enough to break it. Is there anyone else out there who just can’t bring themselves, under normal circumstances, to stay in the shower to dry off or am I the only one who’s an idiot about this sort of thing?

Another odd thing about me is that I have a hard time making use of the toilet if my wife is in the bathroom with me or the door is open. Normally I close the door anyway because I don’t wish to traumatize my 14 year old daughter, but when it’s just me and Anne at home I still habitually close the door. Of course, depending on which function I’m engaging in at the time, this could be considered a merciful thing to do, but even when I’m home alone I still close the stupid door. I suppose that’s so I won’t traumatize any burglars who happen to break in while I’m on the can. Now Anne is almost the exact opposite. She mainly closes the door when she knows that her time in there is going to leave the area with a certain… unpleasantness… that will take the meager fan in there time to clear out, not that I would ever imply that my wife is capable of causing such a situation to come about. She also has no problems with either Courtney or myself barging in while she’s in the middle of whatever she’s doing. Courtney and I are of similar mind in that we will patiently wait outside the door for Anne to finish rather than barge in unless we’re under some sort of deadline, and even then we’re not eager to violate Anne’s privacy and Anne seems to think that’s just the silliest thing she’s ever heard of. Now I’ve known plenty of other couples where being in the bathroom at the same time wasn’t a big deal regardless of what each person was doing in there at the time or what state of dress they were in, but I’ve always been overly modest in this regard and I’ve never really understood why.

Finally I just want to say that I think whoever it was that came up with clumping kitty litter fully deserves, at a minimum, a Nobel Peace Prize. This has to be the greatest thing in cat-related technology to ever come along and I am stunned when I think about the fact that the cats I grew up with as a child were deprived of this wonderful invention. Melvin loves it and I love it and it’s just an amazingly wonderful product that completely changes the chore of cleaning the cat box. How anyone can own a cat and not use clumping litter just boggles my mind.

27 thoughts on “A few random thoughts I had this morning.

  1. Concerning article 1:  I’ve been doing this for years…ever since I slipped on a puddle I left on the floor once.  Now I rarely leave the shower before drying off.

    Concerning article 2:  I’m the opposite…I leave the door open all the time.  Then again my daughter is only 7 and I enjoy torturing my wife.

    Concerning article 3:  I second the nomination and I don’t even clean the damn litter box.  But it makes my wife’s time doing it easier which makes my time while she’s doing it and after she’s done easier.

  2. 1.  People actually stay in the shower to dry?  big surprise

    2.  I always close the door….unless no one’s home.  Than again, I’m only a kid, and I have an overbearing family.  Fact is, mothers are trained by instinct to leave the door open…or at the very least cracked; so they can hear what’s going on outside and be assured in their heads that nothing’s wrong.  Not that I know what they’d do if something WAS wrong in the middle of ‘doing their business’.  smile

    3.  Clumping kitty litter is good….FLUSHABLE clumping kitty litter is teh betterer.  😀

  3. 1. I almost always get out of the shower to dry, unless I’m a guest in someone’s home and don’t want to puddle up their bathroom. Why don’t I dry in the shower? Because I inevitably drop a corner of the towel onto the shower floor and it gets soggy.

    2. I tend to leave the door open at home. This may be a result of needing to keep an ear out for the boy.

    3. Yeah, what you said.

  4. Reasons to get out of the shower to dry:
    1) So I can get my towel
    2) More space to dry myself
    3) That’s why I bought a shower mat

  5. 1.  I dry in the shower.  More elbow room, actually.

    2.  Margie and I tend to leave the door open, unless (a) Katherine is around (we’re trying to teach her the concept of privacy) or (b) someone else is in the house.  Or sometimes (c) if I’m concerned the light is going to disturb Margie sleeping.  This is quite the opposite of how I was brought up.

    3.  Yes, yes, yes.

    Though I keep thinking there should be some connection between article 2 and article 3.  Hmmm.  Clumping people litter?  Hmmm.


  6. More room out of the shower to dry off, but sometimes it’s a pain to find a good floor towel. 

    Yeah, I leave the door open, unless it’s a vent-required operation, in which I close it – even home alone.

    Clumping litter and an electric litter box (the electric doot mover) – two cats, I empty it twice a week.  And screw buying new containers(they’re expensive), I put a small plastic bac in ours.

  7. I stay in the shower. You’ve all forgotten one aspect: it’s warmer in there. The air just got all warmed up by the hot water. Once you’re dry, stepping out into the cool air isn’t a problem.

  8. 1. I stay in the shower to dry off for a couple of reasons:
    – it’s warmer there.
    – I don’t get the rug all wet.
    – Getting out of the shower means I’m just that much closer to getting dressed in the morning, which means I’m that much closer to going to work and that’s something I like to put off as much as possible. LOL
    2. As a child, my older brother’s favorite hobby was to torture me.  A locking bathroom door and a good book kept me safe until he learned to pick the bathroom lock.  I’m pretty sure that’s why as soon as I walk into my bathroom that I close and lock the door behind me, regardless of whether or not anybody else is home.
    3. I’ll keep that in mind for someday when I move out of my apartment to a real house and get a cat.  *sigh*

  9. 1: I go outside the house to dry off. It’s more interesting for the neighbors.

    2: I leave the front door open as well as the bathroom door, in case the neighbors want to visit while I’m too busy to answer the door.

    3: What is kitty litter? Maybe kittens just shouldn’t litter in the first place.

    4D: I took the watermelon back. The neighbors moved (it is a rental) and the owner is funny looking.

  10. Ok see now with me, I stay in the shower to dry off…but with hubby he can’t.  He is like a freakin giant (6’5 approx 260 lbs.) and has to step out to be able to dry all over. 

    Hubby is very modest and only uses his own bathroom (he has his very own with all his crap) and no one steps foot in it.  He even cleans it himself.  I share a bathroom with my children.  They use to barge in on me, especially if I left the door cracked.

    Clumping cat liter is the BOMB!  smile

  11. Brock:

    1: What’s your address? raspberry

    2: Reminds me of Billy Connolly’s response to religious door-knockers. He’d yelll out that he was completely nude and would open the door in 5 seconds!

    3: Kitties explode if they can’t litter.

  12. Great, now I’ve started off my mental day with Nekkid Evil Bastard on the toilet examining kitty litter.  It can only go downhill from here.

    Brock – :LMAO:  I could only imagine what would happen if they would let you build a glass house.

  13. 4D. Yeah, that’s the prob with living next to a rental.  You never know when a melon-jacker may move in.

  14. Regarding 1:
    I’ve always dried myself in the shower, but that’s because I grew up in the subarctic and it was cold most of the year.  So if you emerged from a nice steamy shower and you were still wet you would freeze your ass off.  So to avoid such a sudden shock you remain in the shower and slowly cooled down.

    Regarding 2:
    I’m an advocate of bathroom privacy myself.  I personally can’t use the can if there’s anyone else in the room, or even close to the room.  Not only do I close the door whenever I’m using the facilities, I lock the door too.  I think this is the result of growing up in a rather large family.  Locked doors prevent people from unknowingly barging in.  Actually my bathroom privacy needs are so great that I won’t go to the bathroom in public facilities (the closest thing to public facilities that I’ll use in the washroom in the philosophy department of the University of Calgary, and that bathroom isn’t particularly public because it’s pretty much hidden in the back hall and only department members ever use it).

    Regarding 3:
    Clumping kitty litter kicks some serious ass.  I couldn’t imagine owning cats without it.  Imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be if you had to completely dump out and refil the cat box on a daily basis.  That would suck.

  15. P.S.  I even lock the door when there isn’t anyone else home and there isn’t any likelihood that anyone is going to come home anytime soon.  I guess I’m as much about bathroom privacy as one can be.

  16. A loud bathroom fan is essential.  I don’t want anyone to hear what’s going on when I’m in there “reading.”  What’s the point of having a bathroom door if the entire house can still hear what sounds like a horde of starving pigs at lunchtime?  You might not be able to -see- into the bathroom, but your mind can conjure up some pretty horrific visuals!  Yes, a loud bathroom fan is -very- important.

    And I -would- get out of the shower to dry myself off, but the shower matts only stay clean for about a day, before they’re once again completely covered with dog fur.  I don’t know how this happens, since the dog won’t actually -go- into the bathroom, but I do know that I don’t want to look like I’m wearing furry slippers. . .  especially if I’m not actually wearing furry slippers.

  17. Spocko prefers a bit of the lonesome when he’s in the Library and always dries off completely before leaving the shower. The cats ALWAYS barge in when I’m in there. They’re also starting to relieve themselves elsewhere from the catbox, guess I’ll have to spread some of that litter around the floor!

    Mrs. Spocko just squats whenever she wants – door open and blabbin’ on the phone, no worries.
    I don’t think she even bothers to dry off, period.

    Frac: cool avatar! That flick still gives me the creeps. shock

  18. Holy shit! I fell out my chair mis-reading that post Spocko.

    I read: Mrs. Spocko just squats wheRever she wants… I though you had the same problem with the cats and the missus.

  19. Come on, nowiser, where’s your sense of fun?  It’s better to share the whole experience with your partner so that s/he can cheer you on:  “Good one, honey!”

    Then again, as a father of two, Elwed is immune to squeamishness when it comes to bodily functions.  He just ate a reuben sandwich off the changing pad.

    (“Honey, I don’t think that sandwich came with mustard, did it …?”)


  20. Don’t make me tell you where I live Tish, because I will, and then I’ll probably bake a cake or something and wonder what’s taking you so long.

    What’s that they say deadscot / that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t go to the bathroom at home.

    Reminds me of when I was a teenager and my best friend’s parents were filthy rich. Their mansion had a bathroom with a glass ceiling and I always thought that’s what I’m gonna have when I grow up. I’ve decided I’m gonna start with a glass basement and I could easily expand my plans to allow for an entire glass house but then how would people secretly peep in?

    Oh and I misread Spocko’s post, too. I was feeling all variations of sorry for him. I also formed a pretty rude image from Ragman’s melon-jacker remark. I didn’t raise melons for THAT, I swear!

  21. After having seen some of the Toilets of the World it’s easy to see why Americans cherish their privacy.  Those squat models seem like they would make it difficult for any type of long term leisure reading.

  22. I had one of those slap-yourself-on-the-forehead moments some years back when I realized how silly it was to shower, dry off, and then step over to the sink to shave, which involves splashing water on your face repeatedly, after which you have to use a towel again.

    Now I always shave in the shower. It’s just silly to do it any other way.

    As to closing the door when you’re on the pot, whether anyone’s in the house or not, don’t sweat it. It’s just a teeny bit of programming, which you yourself entered for privacy reasons … probably back when you use to whack off in there so much. 😀

  23. HF, I shave in the shower too, but there’s no mirror so I end up missing a few spots, as you can see from my picture.

    Elwed, I think we’re getting closer to needing that TMI category.

  24. red face Item #1 I dry off out of the shower.  We put the wrong size doors on the opening and I always feel like I should climb out while the climbing is good. Also the Hubby and I have a ritual of whoever isn’t wet takes time to dry the other one’s back and plant a kiss on a shoulder.
    Item #2 I am from the old ‘female school’—you leave the door open so you can hear what the kids are into.  Of course the kids are now ages 32 to 41 and have moved out but old habits die hard!!
    Item #3 Man I have never tried clumping litter,again old habits die hard.

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