What to get your favorite “Stargate SG-1” fan.

So you’ve got a friend/lover/spouse who’s a major fan of Stargate SG-1 whom you need to get the perfect gift for—perhaps a birthday is nearby or you want to shop early for Christmas—but they’ve already got every collectible known to man. What could you possibly buy them that they don’t already have? How about a working prop of a “bomb” used in one of the episodes?


Now this is what science fiction is all about! This fantastic working prop is clearly seen on screen and is very significant to the plot of the season 5 episode ‘Proving Ground’, it can also be seen in other episodes such as ‘Prophecy’ which aired in season 6. In ‘Proving Ground’, Cadets training under Col. O’Neill are given an exercise where they must locate and deactivate an alien bomb. They find it, wrapped in burlap, suspended from the roof of a military hut and, after lowering it, they open it to examine the contents and by doing so, activate the time mechanism.

The fantastic ‘hero’ bomb measures an impressive 45” in circumference and is about 15” in height. The prop opens like a clam shell and inside are the most unbelievable ‘guts’. One side features a ‘faux’ computerized panel, complete with multiple wires; a number of silver projectiles and a centre ball that is attached to the electronic panel with clear narrow piping and silver wiring. When this side is turned on, with a switch that is hidden behind the computer panel, the piping glows electric blue.

The other half also features the same silver projectiles and a variety of amber coloured crystals. This side is activated by depressing one of the silvers projectiles (identified by three small silver markings at the base – if you press the wrong one, not only will it not work, but you are likely to blow up – kidding – it will fall into the base). When activated, the amber crystals pulsate with light.

Designed in a resin type material, the prop has been painted ‘gun metal silver’, inside and out, which gives the illusion of a metal encasement. Areas on the outside have been raised for interest and some feature raised gold alien symbols, probably Goa’uld. Batteries can be easily replaced on both sides. Truly an ingenious design by the SG Prop Department, this magnificent working ‘hero’ bomb would have to be considered a featured acquisition in any Stargate memorabilia collection.

I admit that I’m no fan of this show, but this would still be a wicked cool thing to own. Why? Because it’s not only an official prop, but it lights up just like on TV and that appeals to my inner geek in a major way.

7 thoughts on “What to get your favorite “Stargate SG-1” fan.

  1. Wow! I’d love to grab it.
    I’m a big fan of Stargate but Mrs Spocko would
    phaser me if I brought that thing home!

  2. So, someone going to bet it for my upcoming birthday? After all, I have all the currently available season box-sets of SG1, am planning on getting the rest as they come out, and planning on buying all the SG1-Atlantis season box-sets as they come out.

    Thanks in advance. smile

  3. [Ok, i give…  why does the tab order of the comment-form *not* skip the smileys/strong/em/u/strike/link/email/close_all elements. I like to tab my way thru the comment-form, without going after my mouse.  Maybe most people use their mice to navigate between parts of the comment form?]

    My partner gets into SG-1 and SG-Atlantis.  We dvr both—maybe taking up 25% of our space?  As a result, i’ve checked out Atlantis, and it seems good.  Somehow, i never got hooked into SG-1.

    Anyway, i can’t imagine spending 1.5k on something that, i admit looks wicked cool, but has no discernable function except to scream “geek extradoinere!” to otherwise unsuspecting co-workers, family, friends, or delivery/utility people that sometimes step into our home.  I’m a firm believer in function-makes-beauty.

    (my captcha?/me-no-spammer text was “use”—no shit, maybe i might more closely examine this new captcha blogger-religon i see starting on this site)

    .rob adams

  4. It’d be funny as hell watching airport security trying to figure out what it was (until they arrested you and sent you to Guantanamo for being an enemy alien combatent!)

    Hey, what happened to the captcha?

  5. It’s a new feature in 1.1 that I requested awhile back. If you’re a registered member and are logged in then it no longer asks you to enter a captcha. One more perk for registered visitors.

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