What famous leader are you?

OK, everyone else is doing it so I may as well too:

Considering how he went out I’m not sure this is a good thing or a bad one.

And, yes, I do realize that two people don’t really add up to everyone, but it was a good excuse so leave me alone. And in answer to your next question: It would depend on the bridge.

21 thoughts on “What famous leader are you?

  1. I just wrote the quiz and I was:

    The leader that pot smokers emulate.  Che Guevara.  I have my own revolutionary arty style.  Dying tragically on a mountain appeals to you.

    I don’t particularly think this is true.  I’m not particularly revolutionary or arty.  It is true that I like mountains, and I like climbing them.  However, I try my best not to die tragically on them.  I wonder what they base their judgments on.

  2. Well colour me illiterate.  I retook the test because I thought it was inaccurate.  I realized that I filled out the test with the belief that very accurate was on the left side and very inaccurate was on the right.  However, it was the other way around.  Now that I’ve taken the test correctly, my result were the same as yours Les.  I too am Abe Lincoln.  Abe Lincoln seems a little more accurate to me.

  3. Sheesh Omegaplex – I tested out exactly the same. Talk about adding insult to injury – I *am* German. (*Knurrr*)


  4. Einstein – That was a surprise.

    Out of curiosity I retook the test an checked the middle response for all of the questions. (n=18) That response pattern returns JFK. “You like power because it increases your sexual options.”


  5. Another Hussein – which is a little freaky, considering just yesterday when I was going through some old stuff I found newspaper clippings of various letters-to-the-editor I’d had published back in ‘90 & ‘91.  2 out of three featured editorial cartoons depicting Saddam Hussein!  LOL

  6. BTW: Hussein – anyone remember the Newsweek picture (two-pager) where he is surrounded by all his cronies, and 99% of the 30+ guys have the same moustache like him?

    Gillette must have made a killing (sorry about the pun) in Iraq after Bush decided to send in the troops.

  7. I was Einstein.

    I was Apocalypse now WAY back in the day (sometime last year).  I haven’t re-taken the test to see if anything’s changed, tho.

  8. I saw Easy Rider back in the early ‘70’s, so I don’t remember it very well but here is what I learned from that movie: 

    1) Going on an extended motorcycle trip with your buddy isn’t enough to say you’re having a good time: you have to take drugs, too.
    2) In some rural areas, rednecks will just shoot bikers for no reason.
    3) A single blast from a shotgun will disconnect the forks from a heavy chopper.

    Well, it was a long time ago, so maybe I got it all wrong.  Or maybe I just read the MAD magazine review of the movie.  No, I’m pretty sure I saw it.  cool smile

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