We’re now running under EE 1.1beta.

Head’s up, we’re back in Beta Territory once again. If you happen to notice that something is broken or not working as you expected please feel free to drop me a note and let me know. One thing you’ll probably notice right away is that registered members who are logged in no longer have to enter a captcha to post comments.

4 thoughts on “We’re now running under EE 1.1beta.

  1. Have you tried 1.1 with Firefox 0.9.3? Does it handle the publish page better? I found a “fix” that is OK, but it’s still messing up. Now it just makes the page really narrow or fit the screen, depending on how it feels. :shrug:

  2. I use Firefox 0.9.3 so, yeah, I’ve tried it. grin The fix they tried is similar to the one published elsewhere and it kinda works, but still messes up on occasion.

  3. Yea, that’s what I thought. I read over and over again about how CSS is “the” way to deal with layout, yet, with all the different browsers dealing with CSS differently, it’s very frustrating tring to get a consistant look between them.

    I have got to assume that due to the way that EE’s publish page gets displayed, that this has to be a bug in Firefox/Mozilla.

    I would sure love to report it, but I can’t figure out Bugzilla enough to tell if it has been reported yet or not.

    Ah well, at least it’s mostly usable now…

  4. I wonder about that, because there’s not been (nor has there ever been that I’ve noticed) problems with how the publish page displayed in firefox .93 on the mac. =)

    One more reason… *blinks*

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