Updated gear in the SEB Store.

Due to popular demand I’ve gone ahead and changed the logo for some of the T-shirts so they feature our tagline in big block letters on the front. Added a few new types of shirts as well. Plus for those little bastards in training, we now have official gear for those of you who wish to start their corruption at an early age. So go check it out.

5 thoughts on “Updated gear in the SEB Store.

  1. Very nice.  I should have my organic cotton tee sometime next week.  I’m going to wear it up to Austin with my ‘Youth in Asia for Bush 04’ cap and see if I can’t find Elwed and GeekMom.

  2. I would like the baseball jersey with the tag line on. I would be such a success at my Swedish classes this semester.  cheese

  3. Oooo, yes, deadscot, let’s have a StupidEvilParty!  Let us know when you think you’ll be up here.  We’re not terribly mobile as a pair right now (as the littlest SEB-in-training is only two weeks old), but it would be great to meet you.

    (Just snapped up the 6-month SEB creeper …)

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