Too cool for school.

I got a new pair of cool blue sunglasses and it was a nice day so I thought I’d show off how long my hair has gotten. This dude is too cool for words!

Click for a bigger pic!

7 thoughts on “Too cool for school.

  1. Nice.

    We are still missing those pics of Melvin you promised us, though. With or sans shades wink

  2. That’s only because Melvin hasn’t arrived as of yet. He comes home tomorrow.

    Anne is going out to visit Cindy tomorrow and when she comes home she’ll have Melvin with her then.

  3. WOA!!!  big surprise

    That’s way too much cool (or something) for someone like me to handle! You don’t look scary at all. Nice!

  4. Coincidentally, I just had my head shaved to about that degree of stubble.

    Damned cowlicks still make it unruly, though smile


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