Thoughts on Blogging, The Incredible Hulk And Poorly Scattered Words

Blogs are cool! Blogs are trendy! Blogs are NOW!

It takes honest dedication and courage to maintain a Blog that is revealing and enticing. It takes commitment and a willingness to communicate even the mundane aspects of one’s existence, especially when that little voice in your head is saying “this is not worthy – no one cares to read about this”. It can be posited that some of the most engrossing writing is that which exposes the little struggles, the day to day mucking about, the innocent and wide-eyed discoveries a blogger goes through and then shares with the world.

I’ve followed some great blogs over the years. I’ve also found endeavors that I wish would quietly expire. I’ve got nothing against personal struggles made public. In fact I admire the willful candor it takes to reveal ones passions, beliefs, fears and failings, often while allowing the world to comment. That is what it takes to make a good Blog read. And whether you’re speaking of things grand and mysterious, or simply sharing a story about the night you discovered you could wiggle your ears, it can be worth reading.

Good Blogs often share basic qualities, though. They draw you into the blogger’s life in a way that is affirming and welcoming. Bloggers seek communication and inclusion and even when what they write inspires you to disagree with positions they hold, a good blogger realizes the interactive potential for what it is: another opportunity to explore the many sides of an issue. A good blogger realizes that differences of opinions are potential paths to better understandings of any issue, be it religious, political, social or of whatever ilk.

This is why I have little respect for Blogs like Scattered Words-homosexuality and the ex-gay movement, a journal/blog, for an example. The author of this Blog is certainly religious (for whatever that’s worth) and that isn’t really what bothers me. Even though he is “Turning away from homosexuality and toward God.”, that does not bother me so much either. Sure he’s a “One Note Johnny” and it’s likely only fundamentalist Christians and homophobes will allow the greater value of his narrowly focused efforts, but even that does not bother me as much as this: As I see it, he affords no respect and exhibits outright hostility toward anyone who seeks to debate his small-minded views of religion and sexuality. He whines incessantly about earlier formative events in his life and threatens to ban at the hint of a disagreement. He “preaches” to others then exhibits disdain for those who “preach” back. His struggles are deeply felt, I’m sure, and his dark moments (and he seems to have many) deserve compassion, yet he selectively allows compassion for others. If you agree with him on an issue, a Biblical interpretation, etc, then you “rock”. If you disagree (and lets face it – which subjects will likely engender more discussions and heated disagreements than sexuality and religion?) then you may very well be banned, or at least he’ll be certain that threat is foremost in your mind. He speaks often of Christians being victimized by inexact assumptions and misrepresentations but vehemently discourages discussions other than those he feels are productive and faith (his) affirming. Dialog potential is minimized and the site is often the place to hear the sound of one blogger patting himself on the back and his sniffles as he laments his trials and tribulations. His martyr complex all too often gets in the way and he seems to me to be a fragile, easily panicked thinker who has no real faith but his hope that the world is designed to fit his narrow perspectives. It’s really rather sad and I guess I could sum up my opinion of his Blog by saying he presents important subject matter quite poorly. To be fair, it could be said that since I don’t have “a faith” to pit against his, I have no right to criticize. OK, go ahead and say that if you like. I don’t mind. Scattered Words IS a Blog and Blogs, by definition, represent individual perspectives of reality. It’s author doesn’t need to be good at what he does to qualify as a blogger and I don’t need to be impressed.

Maybe self-important, agenda-specific, deeply wounded bloggers, who put their words on public display then disallow you to challenge their motives and mumblings, give me valid reasons to long for other, less incendiary offerings such as Hulk’s Diary. It isn’t about much and it doesn’t involve a real blogger, at least not as the subject of the Blog, but it’s campy and clever. Even The Incredible Hulk has his struggles and we can read about them. He’s insecure, he’s emotional and he has opinions. Some of The Hulks struggles include looking for a job (constantly) and his views on war and the president.

Hulk thinking about war and have this to say.


Hulk think it sums up his thoughts.

Some people ask Hulk why Hulk not run for president.

Hulk have simple answer.

Hulk not smart enough to be president and Hulk knows it, unlike stupid puny human Bush in office now. Only saving grace of puny human Bush is his face looks like MONKEY.


(Hulk likes monkeys)

He’s interactive:

Hulk gets email:

Hulk need feminism education. And sensitivity training. And anger
management classes.

Problem with Hulk is Hulk is Hulk.

Hulk have no problems if puny human women wouldn’t cause problems!

And he’s very likely currently available for employment:

Hulk been really busy – Hulk got job at local toy store and lost it. Hulk got job at local movie theater and lost it. Hulk got job at local Mc Donald’s and lost it. Hulk bad at keeping jobs. Hulk is very good at smashing things though, so you tell Hulk where Hulk can work and not have to obey rules like “Do not stick puny human manager into fryolator” and smash things and HULK WILL HAVE JOB.


Hulk working at local candy place (MMM CANDY) and puts choclate candy in boxes.

Hawkeye keeps calling Hulk “fudge packer” and Iron Man laughs. Hulk thinks Iron Man is happy for Hulk having job!

Ok, so now I’m hooked on the pretend struggles of a Marvel Comics character. I really should be celebrating and supporting the real people who represent the blogging world. I should be letting those who publicize their concerns, opinions and activities know that I notice and applaud their efforts. I do and I will!  It’s just that sometimes Blogs like The Incredible Hulk’s “diary” show more heart and/or wisdom and are more creative and entertaining than some of the real Blogs I follow. Then, I often become more critical, but I’m not always looking to disagree.

I guess it really just depends on what I’m in the mood for at the time: Simple entertainment or thought-provoking, socially significant subject matter. I can’t help myself sometimes – I still read sites like Scattered Words, but I usually don’t feel good about it when I do and I, more often than not, laugh for the wrong reasons.




17 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blogging, The Incredible Hulk And Poorly Scattered Words

  1. Well, to kick off, I really laughed at the Hulk blog. I’ll probably link it myself. It’s stupid, irreverent, and very, very funny. I’m not linked to enough nlogs that really make me laugh like that one did.

    I won’t, however, be linking Scattered Words. It’s not that it’s poorly-written. It’s not even that the subject matter offends me in any way. It’s just that I’m tired of reading and participating in the same rambling arguments around the same themes, especially where faith is concerned. Call me naive if you like, but it saddens me that the lost and confused still turn to organised religion, even when that religion is so quick to label them deviant. I’d love to write the author of that blog a long and reasoned essay about his predicaments and the essential conflicts I see within them, but I won’t, because I see from reading his communications with others that he wouldn’t be listening. My only reaction at that point would be to track him down, grab him firmly by the shoulders, and give him a damn good shake.

    Failing that, I guess I’d just introduce him to The Hulk.

  2. kiss Thank you Brock for the look into the life of a simple but so naive character that he could charm the teeth out of a pair of dentures.  I’ll be visiting his blog shortly because laughter can be a little hard to come by sometime!! Look out Mr. Hulk but don’t worry because this puny human woman doesn’t try to cause trouble!

  3. Maybe the author of this post should let everyone know that he was one of 3 people to be banned for not following the commenting rules at Ben’s site.

  4. Watch out Seth, you’re coming close to breaking the commenting rules around here. Commenting rules? Comment SPAM and talking bad about my mother. Those are my commenting rules. Aside from that, you may as well not have comments on your blog.

  5. The best thing about Scattered Words (for me) is that past posts by me are still up and I’m not ashamed of any of them. They may not be by next week or the week after but, as for now, anyone who’s interested can make up their own minds after reading what’s there.

    It wasn’t really my intent, when I made this entry, to viciously malign anyone and that’s why I’ve mentioned no one individually, but I think Scattered Words on a whole speaks for itself as a somewhat narrowly focused, deceptively derogatory, and mean-spirited site. Still the author is an interesting and accomplished writer. I find it hard to dislike him and just so we can be clear on one thing, Seth, he seems to threaten to ban (or edit) almost anyone who doesn’t sugar coat and homogenize their posts. I was simply a little too forthright one day and got the axe. I’ve never tested to see if I still am banned, and I’ve gotten the impression I’m not, though something tells me I once again will be after this.


    I spoke of Scattered Words because it serves well as a contrast to Hulk’s Diary. One is innocently and playfully presented. The other, well, it can be very depressing and harm-inducing at times. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide which is which for their own-selves. Every Blog isn’t for everybody, but some are much less accommodating than a good Blog ought to be. Some are so much less than human-friendly.

    It needs to be said too that all opinions I offered here about Scattered Words and Hulk’s Diary, for that matter, are mine and mine alone. THE Stupid Evil Bastard had nothing whatsoever to do with this entry, other than allowing it to stay.

  6. Of course I was just messing with Seth above, but I went over and read some of the blog and I remembered being there before. I also was reminded why I’ve never returned until now. It’s just depressing as hell to read all of the veiled hate. I’m not breaking any new ground here, but religious folks are generally mean when it comes to debate about any issues they perceive to be against their interpretation of the “big novel.” I’m just sayin’.

  7. Hey, Shaye, tell The Tick about it too while you’re at it! I KNOW it’ll get his panties in a bunch.

    Brooks, you can go away for months at a time, then return to that site and nothing will have changed. The air there is always rarefied and sanctified. Can I get an amen! Yeh suh!


    Ga’s children deserve love and heea-vun.

    It’s kinda’ like hearing a Jewish person say the Holocaust was a good thing.

    Momma, I’ve glad you liked Hulk’s Diary. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

    And Neon, I know the feeling exactly!

  8. Hulk’s linked. Shame he isn’t doing comments with the demand everyone finds a superhero name. With DC and Marvel theres a whole bunch to choose from.

  9. Scattered words is a scary site.
    I thought it was wacky, so I posted the link at Atheist Parents. The ex-gay must have seen it in his referrers log, because he came over to the forums and posted LEGAL THREATS.  Unenforcable, non-actionable, legal threats.
    It was really very funny. He promised that the long arm of the law could reach me here in Canada for the ‘slander’.
    hahahahahahahahaha! LOL
    Lots of time on his no longer gay hands.

  10. You think Canadians aren’t sued in US courts everyday? We have mutual jurisprudence under long arm statutes with our northern neighbors here in the states.

    Judgements here are fully enforceable in Canadian courts.

    But I doubt it was Ben. I’ve not seen him yet comment on any site but his own.

    Not that I’d blame him, the way people disrespect him for being a human being.

  11. Seth, I’m not trying to minimize your right to speak out against other’s opinions, but I have to say you’re spending a lot of energy trying to scare others with scant chance of backing up your threats. I can’t address what Adrienne said, as I haven’t been able to find her entry over at Atheist Parents yet, but maybe she’ll post a link here or email it to me (please), and then I will. I can however point out that you, or Ben (whom you identify as the author) if he choses to listen to you, would have a disappointing time suing me over anything I’ve said.

    It seems to me that anyone who dedicates an entire Blog to maligning the homosexual lifestyle and posits that homosexuality revolves predominantly around [deviant] sex should be expecting a little dissension and contrary points of view. But that’s just me. Maybe in your world, the kind of vitriol and God-inspired loathing you seem to be a fan of is the only opinion-rich writing that should be allowed by law.

    When all is said and done, you have made more of this than the author of Scattered Words has and that leads me to suspect your interest in the subject matter and the Blog. Also it seems that you are using legal threats to silence dissenters much as the author of Scattered Words uses threats of banning and editing to control posts. If either of you have that much doubt for the validity of, and fear for the protection of your viewpoints, perhaps you need to rethink your positions. 

    You can debate anything you want and I’ll never challenge your innate right to do so, but please retire the lawsuit angle. Threats made in a public Blog could perhaps be grounds for a lawsuit too.

    Captcha word this time is “basis”, as in there’s no basis for a lawsuit. Try a different debate tactic!

  12. Thanks for the laugh Brock.  At first I only checked out the Hulk site but after all the commotion here I decided to check out Scattered Words.

    Now I’m in new territory here but I left the site with impression that it was either A.[/B] A site for straight men that chose a homosexual lifestyle and are now trying to ‘fix’ it through religion…or B. A site for gay men that have suffered failed relationships and feel betrayed by the homosexual community and have turned to religion.

    I admit I only read through a few pages of material and please correct me if I missed something.  Either way, the site is an interesting study in human emotional apathy and the how we over complicate our lives by not making realistic choices in the healing process.

  13. On a side note at Scattered Words- it appears I have been banned.  Too bad I guess, but before being blocked from the site, I had already vowed to stop posting there.

    Oddly enough, all of my comments were always well-intentioned, civil discussions, despite the more attacking responses I often received from some posters and the author.

    I find it odd that he has written so many accusations of gays playing the victim card when that is all that he does on his blog.  I’d be interested to see why he says he blocked me from the site given no attacking or agressive posts from me over there ever (and the fact that I stopped posting before he put his new comments guidelines thread up).

  14. Given the last couple of comments I left I wouldn’t be surprised if I were banned as well by now. I haven’t been back over there since the last comment I left so I don’t really know, but then I only tend to drop in after receiving a trackback to see what he’s saying about us this time…

    For a guy so adverse to being criticized, he’s certainly quick to do it to others.

  15. I love the Hulk site, and have been following it ever since the link was posted here. It’s a very simple idea, but it’s charming and insightful and hilariously funny.

    Now Mick must go and show that Ant-man who is boss here!

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