This is August?

What the hell is up with the weather? It’s only supposed to hit 68 degrees here in the Detroit area today. Last I looked at the calendar we’re supposedly in the month of August. It’s only going to get up to the mid-70’s the rest of the week, which doesn’t bode well for Courtney’s pool party to celebrate her birthday on Friday. Back in the spring we had several days in the 90’s, but then once summer arrived I don’t think we’ve had more than a handful of days that broke out of the 80s. Not that I’m that upset about it, but it’s been a very weird summer temp-wise.

13 thoughts on “This is August?

  1. Its global warming wink

    Actually, global warming would start melting the ice caps (already started) and therefore cool the oceans slightly (already happening) which plays havok with our climate (uh-huh!)

    So… yep, its El Nino + Global Warming = Courtney’s pool party nixed


  2. You see, Mr. Bond, this is only a small demonstration of what my weather control machine can do!  If the governments of the world do not pay me One Million Dollars, I shall…

    What’s that?  A million dollars isn’t that much money any more?  Am I supposed to keep track of everything myself?  Someone throw me a freakin’ bone here!

  3. It’s an election year.  All that hot air is being used up in the battleground states.

  4. 1:00 pm and it’s 84 in north Texas.  Usually we’re in the 100+ days.  And it rained this month.  Strange, but can’t complain, ‘specially since it helps with the a/c.

    Hell ain’t freezing over is it??? wink

  5. We’re having some pretty odd weather over in the UK too. It’s supposed to be summer yet some areas had 2 months worth of rain in 36 hours. Several areas now have severe flood warnings and one of the main roads in Scotland was closed due to a landslide.

  6. You whiners are more than welcome to come here to Portland and take some of this bullshit heat we’ve been having back with you.  This has been one of the driest, hottest summers we’ve had.

    We’ve had record-breaking hot days here, and while they aren’t as painfully hot mercury-wise as the southwest, the humidity is a bitch.  I keep waiting for my 8 months of rain to start, and it just isn’t coming fast enough.

    Sideline note here: there was an interesting article in a Popular Science issue this year, about the inevitability of global warming’s effect on the Atlantic conveyor, and the eventual resulting ice age to come.  Pretty interesting read. (Yeah, I know, I prefer SciAm to PopSci as well, but since I buy my magazines from my son’s school’s annual drive, and the fascists didn’t offer that last year, I was forced to compromise.)

  7. Les, you are a lucky stiff. We have had 100 degree weather for most of the summer with humidity above 95%.  I *wish* I could have a 68 degree day!

  8. You ain’t kidding, Les – over here on the Lake Michigan shore, we’ve reached a high of a whopping 59 degrees. I went for a bike ride yesterday in a long-sleeve jersey, and still got a bit chilled on the downhills. Generally I prefer cool weather to sweat, but I’d like to go to the beach and actually go in the lake without experiencing emotionally devastating levels of shrinkage. Plus my wife’s lost 50 pounds in the last year and now has bikinis sitting unused. Phooey.


  9. It’s the beginning of the End-Times! Or even more likely, a certain position in a 100,000 year cycle that may seem extreme and Revelation affirming to some.

    All I know is that it’s been much hotter than I like on the Carolina Coast and thweaty balth thuck. As unlikely as it is to happen, a hefty dose of snow would be a welcomed change right now, because I’m melting, dammit!

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