The one advantage to my current stupid job.

When your work day consists mainly of answering the phone, replying to emails, and going to meetings so you can listen to other people bitch endlessly about things you know nothing about (let alone care about) you find that on those odd days where you don’t have any meetings to attend you can do something very few people get to do: work from home. And that’s what I’m doing today thanks to the ability to access my work email remotely and the joy of voice mail.

Which is particularly nice today seeing as today is Courtney’s birthday. You should all go over to my daughter’s blog and leave her Happy Birthday comments. She’s turning 14 which means in two years she’ll be driving so it’s probably best to get on her good side early.

4 thoughts on “The one advantage to my current stupid job.

  1. Sounds like you work for a company I used to work for a couple of jobs back. They had people who did nothing more than answered e-mail and took calls, and on Monday mornings, sat in a meeting for 2-3 hours while the rest of the company explained what they had done the previous week.

    I was one of the people who bored the crap out of those people, being a programmer. The folks who were bored were the customer service folks. After a while, our fearless leader decided it was probably not very good use of their time to be in the meetings.

    There are times I wish I could work from home. With a 100 fold increase in performance of my home computer vrs. the office computer I use, I could sure get a lot more done…

    Enjoy your day!

    P.S. Happy birthday, Courtney!

  2. I also mostly work out of my house, with a/c. It’s nice, but requires some discipline, like not playing with the cats, eating endlessly, or getting so desperate for human contact that you wait to pounce on the Fed/Ex or UPS person. And, i hope the weather permitted some fun in the sun-n-pool.  Here in the NEast jungle-in-the-making it was typically humid.  So, giving into my carnal pleasures, i took a swim in our lake (over which my home-office looks, probably unwisely wink.

  3. Telecommuting rocks.  I love participating in international conference calls butt nekkid.

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