Pixelito: Tiny remote controlled model helicopters.

From the I-wish-I-could-do-this-cause-it’s-so-cool department comes a link to the Pixelito webpage where you can see what is arguably the world’s smallest remote controlled model helicopter being put through its paces. The picture on the right gives you an idea of just how small we’re talking here.

Pixelito is the latest member of the ever growing Pixel Radio Controlled Helicopter family. It’s been a fantastic journey since the birth of the Pixel 1 in 1997.  Six years of experimentation, 6 years of technology evolution made it possible to further reduce weight by a factor of almost 20 times. Weight is a mere 6.9 grams with the 45mAh LiPo battery.

I must admit that the race for making smaller and smaller is starting to hit barriers . One day it will become very difficult for even de most skilled modeler to cope with that. The biggest challenge for the Pixelito was the size of parts. Manipulating, gluing, adjusting, even just see them is a problem. The funny thing is that it was relatively easy to make the Pixelito compared to the effort required to make the first Pixels. The main reasons for this are the progress in battery technology, the availability of micro motors, and the flood of micro electronics that come to us.

The author provides some insights into how he built this mini-wonder with pics of it in various stages and includes links to various resources for the materials he used to accomplish this task. He makes it seem reasonably simple to do, though I’d imagine it would help if you’re already an RC Modeler to begin with. Just watching the videos of this thing fly is amazing, though.

Link via Gizmodo.

7 thoughts on “Pixelito: Tiny remote controlled model helicopters.

  1. As far as I’m aware these aren’t for sale, but I’m sure if you look around the Net long enough you’ll find someone selling something similar.

  2. No, I can’t. As has been said already, as far as I know the Pixelitos are not for sale. You’d have to contact the owner of that website for more information. I am not the person who came up with these devices.

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