More Gmail invites up for grabs.

Damn, I sat on three invites for months without getting any additional ones or finding anyone I knew personally who wanted one so I gave them away the other day and now Google has hit me with five more. So, holler if you want one and I’ll dole them out till they’re gone which should take all of two hours if the last go round is any indication. I would’ve thought everyone who wanted one would have had one by now.

BTW, you’ll need to email me your first and last name so I can send the invite.

Update: As of 11:59 AM these are all gone. If I get anymore I’ll let you know.

38 thoughts on “More Gmail invites up for grabs.

  1. I am sitting on a couple that I want to donate to folks who have been deployed overseas.

    I have given one out to someone who emailed me from a .mil domain, and so I have a few more to go.

    Why am I doing it this way? With 1GB space, imagine the home videos, photos, sound clips and etc that could be sent to someone who is deployed.

    If you know of anyone who has been shipped out, tell them to contact me at john dot hoke at gmail dot com or leave a post in the linked page above.

    a snarky person asked me how will I know if they are bullshitting me or not? Well, if they are emailing me from a .mil domain I can assume they atleast are involved in the military, then the rest is the Honor System.

  2. OK, I’m down to 1 invite left. None of you bozos sent me your real names so I had to make them up on the spot. Hopefully that doesn’t end up being a problem.


  3. I take that back. Jeff sent me his real name so he’s not a bozo. He just sent it to my other email account so I didn’t see it at first.

  4. Well I thought we were all Bozo’s on this bus wink
    Thanks for the account, I couldn’t figure out how to e-mail you!! Its midnight where I am and about 90 right now. I took my children windsurfing and spent most of my time pulling people out of the big waves 🙁 And I ran into a mad jellyfish!!
    I used to live in Canton Ohio by the way.
    Have a great day hug your children, grab your wifes ass, make her scream. In a good way of course:-)

    submit normal?? Never you SIB

  5. I must admit that my first impulse upon seeing your comment, Gaurav, is to say, “NOT UNLESS YOU LEARN HOW TO TYPE PROPERLY!”

    But I don’t feel like being that mean today so I’ll send it your way anyway even if your comment sets my teeth on edge.

    And with that I’m back down to 0 invites left.

  6. By the way, how does one do the icon/avatar thing again? I know you posted this a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t find the entry in my sleep-deprived state…

  7. You have to sign up for an account at and then upload the 80×80 graphic you want to use. When you sign up you must use whatever email address you commonly use to post comments on blogs with because the email address is what Gravatar uses to look up your icon. If you use a different email address on each blog (which it appears you might) then you’ll either have to sign up for multiple Gravatar accounts or you’ll have to change your email address at the various blogs to match whatever you signed up with.


  8. Not to be tooooo stupid but what the heck is GMail and why the hell would I want it?

    I already have access to mega email services on any number of servers. What’s so special about GMail that one would want it?

    And yes I’ll take one please thanks? Not sure why but with the furvor over it maybe I should want one too.

    Damn peer pressure.

  9. People only want it because it’s so damned hard to get.

    And I’m all out of invites right now, but next time I’ll catch you.


  10. Now, what to use a GMail account for?

    Other than the obvious, offsite backups come to mind. Email encrypted backup files, notes, whatever, to your GMail account and archive them there.

    Any other ideas?

  11. Hi im from Australia and all my friends are like chargin $80.00 for a gmail so i couldnt afford it, if anyone is kind enough to send me an invite i would most appreciate it and help u in anyway that i me, cuse in a few days ill probably give in and buy it for 80.00 so plz send as soon as u can to the following email:
    Mayname: Dean Mathews

  12. OK folks, we’re not taking reservations here. If I get any more invites I’ll put a note up, but don’t bother telling me you’d like one when I don’t have any to give out. I’m not keeping a list or anything.

  13. It used to be a very big deal compared to e.g. what Yahoo offered even for a fee. Interestingly enough, Yahoo has since bumped up the entry-level for-fee email accounts to 2GB storage…

    Right now the main attraction to me is to use it as a mailing list sink and see how it fares.

  14. I think you want to be very careful what you use gmail for. For that matter, I really dislike sending even trivial personal email unencrypted.

    After light use of the service, it seems to come up short on features that I want anyway.

  15. Spocko, I think some of the concerns expressed there are a bit overblown, but it’s not completely without merit. Then again, Gmail isn’t any worse than Yahoo Mail in that respect either. Or HotMail for that matter.

  16. What I think is: Google is backing up my eMail. Which is something every other email company does as well, and everyone that does not is trampled upon when they lose data (which happens from time to time, as we remember). Retrieving older mails is possible with those other providers as well, and as well even if you did delete it.

    Google is data mining my eMail. So whatever, they serve me ads, and sometimes they’re even useful (though most of the time they’re not, that’s why I don’t use AdSense at my Blog). And you can find out a hell of a lot more about me if you just google my name.

    Google does probably, possibly link other people’s names with content for data mining. That’s something I wouldn’t like, as it is without those other people’s consent. However, this is pure speculation.

    Google does probably (surely) give out your eMail data if that is required by law. However, that does not mean they do screen mail for overly many mp3 or whatever files, it just means if the FBI comes and asks, they give out the data they have. Which every other eMail provider must do as well. Because it is required by law.

    Sure, Google is bigger. Google has more users, Google does collect more data. That makes it more useful for data mining. And for Spam filtering, by the way. That’s about it.

  17. We all have a few brain cells devoted to paranoia and the quest to be “Blank Rejj.”  But IT systems aren’t designed for discarding information, they’re designed for preserving it.  It almost matters not what email system you use, your email is practically immortal and if Big Brother wants to read it, he will. 

    That’s why it matters so very much who Big Brother IS at any given time.  And why encryption may become more important (and less legal) as time goes on.

    The ideal encryption would be able to make the encrypted messages not look encrypted somehow.

    Elwed, your Gravitar has changed to a Satanic rubber duckie!  I read several posts yesterday before I realized that was you.

  18. DOF, sorry about that. I’m toying with avatars.

    Using encryption today has one drawback – it’s so unusual that it raises all kinds of red flags to anybody monitoring traffic.

    What you’re looking for is called steganography. Ideally you use both; use steganography to hide an encrypted message.

    As an aside, the German government seemed to be on board regarding key escrow, but suddenly flipped, declared access by citizens and corporations to strong crypto as a constitutional necessity. They’re funding e.g. GnuPG… I can’t help wondering what role Echelon played.

    Anyway, in this time and age strong crypto is your friend.

  19. I think I’ll just ignore that paranoia. The only way around the problem would be to disconnect from the net permanently and even that probably wouldn’t be enough.

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