Melvin’s arrival has been delayed.

Well, it’ll be one more day before I can post any pics of Melvin. Anne didn’t bring him home last night as was the original plan. My sister, being the animal type she is, thought it would be better if he had a few days to get used to our scent thanks to a couple of bits of recently worn laundry Anne took with her prior to bringing him home. Cindy will be bringing him to us tomorrow as a sort of birthday gift for me. She goes over her reasoning in an entry on her blog. So no pictures to share as of yet, though I’m told he’s a black cat with a small bit of white on his chest. Word has it he was quite friendly with Anne so we hope this will go well.

I’m up way past my bedtime so I’m going to sleep now.

3 thoughts on “Melvin’s arrival has been delayed.

  1. It should go fine, Melvin might be (well probably will be) a little skittish when he first gets to your place, but in a few days he should be perfectly well adjusted.  Just don’t play too rough with him at first, you might get some fairly decent scratches.

  2. Melvin sounds like he looks like Molly.  She has only four or five white hairs on her chest.  Gee now three out of the four of us will have black cats.  Could this be a sign Old Evil One?  Is there a coven in our closet?

  3. Melvin sounds like a great place to hone some of your creative writing talents.  You could write about Melvin’s first week in the Jenkins’ household from a cat’s perspective.  It might help you stay more in tune with his adjustment period as well.

    I inherited my cat when she was only four days old.  Her mother was hit by a car in front of my apartment about six years ago.  We went through the whole dropper feeding and warm towel baths.  Now she’s never more than five feet away from me.

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