Latest email scam playing on religious belief is amazingly laughable.

Woke up to find another email appeal for money in my inbox. This is another in a growing trend of scams that prey upon the overly credulous religious believers out there. It has the feel of the classic Nigerian scam in that it asks the recipient to respond to the message if they are interested in helping, but the content is designed to appeal to the religious believer concerned with helping the needy and poor in the rest of the world. I’m not sure if the poor English is intentional or not, but it makes from some amusing reading. I especially loved the line about how the religious war going on has “claimed the life of my parents whom their children are now under our custody.”

Whew! I’m glad she was able to get custody of herself!

Anyway, the appeal for any donation no matter how small—even a penny will do the email claims—is a nice touch as no one who is likely to respond to this email would ever send an amount that small. The request to help spread the word is new to this scam, but makes sense in light of the angle it’s trying as the people most likely to fall for it are also the most likely to be willing to help get the word out to other highly credulous people. A simple Google search turns up absolutely nothing for the “Green Life Rehabilitation Foundation” that’s listed in the email and the address (which I’ve snipped out of the full email in the extended entry) claims it’s located in Nigeria, West Africa. If that doesn’t set off warning bells then you’re a complete and total idiot and that’s just the sort of person these folks are looking for.

From: Green Life Rehabilitation Foundation.


Please do not be embarrassed to receive this mail from us, we are a non profit charit organization based in surburb area of Enugu state. Our mission is helping the less previledged and down throden ones by providing help to them in the way we can.

Our mission is providing assistance to the young motherless peoples of our community and the poor old ones, inorder to make them survive the hustle situation of things down here. Therefore due to increase in the number of people we are handling, the cost is becoming too heavy for us, but we still give all thanks and Glory to the almight God for all his protection and upkeeping of our home, and to the good ones here down here who are doing their best to support out effort; but still it is not easy for us as our duty is getiing wider on daily bases due to different calamities that often befall our community most especially the religious war that claimed the life of my parents whom their children are now under our custody.

We therefore decided to contact or reach the people of the world to appeal for their individual help and support of any form to our organisation so that we will be able to deliver our services well. Due to the fact that We have a duty to help others in this life and monetary support is the easiest way in our present day society to do just that.

Since our mission is to help provide clothing, shelter, food, healthcare and to support the children in providing educational facilities to them and the individuals all around our community and this our part of the world that do not have these things available to them.  It only takes one person to make a ifference in ones life, therefore all we ask of you is to donate even 1 cent, that’s one penny and I’ll tell you that With that penny you will realize that one person can truly make a huge difference in this world.
It is also our duty to allocate some portions of money raised among different organizations, charities and other programs to help those that are truly in need of it.  If everyone that receives this email was to tell someone else and donate their penny.  Overtime the money gained would be mind boggling and this would continue throughout time, in reality building on itself and the support and aid that could be given would be unlike any other.  A few of the organizations that we plan to donate to is toward AIDS and Cancer patient, that are poorly taken care of here, and many other charities foundations throughout the the community and Africa at Large that deeply need the help of the world.

I do not really know how exactly we are going to get this program or mission expressed but I hope and know that eventually this will meet someone that can help and will take a serious approach to my task at hand. With the funds we plan to set up a program that will collect pennies from the concern citizens of the world to assist those that are in real need.

In life we have to speak our voices and know that there is always someone listening. We have to know that when the opportunity comes to help if your intentions are genuine, and you can provide support you shouldn’t hesitate to do so.  I pray that this touches someone.  Know that we will all be better off in the future for this. 

Therefore if you will be interested in donating even a penny to our organisation kindly contact us back for further information about that. This is if this touches your human feeling, we pray that you understand my point in this, therefore we would be very happy if you consider our appeal and donate even a cent just for the support of work of God in helping to keep the world going.

Our prayer is that you help us to help the needy. May God bless you as you contribute to this.

May God bless you abundantly as God loves a cheerfull giver.

I am mandated by other senior members of our organisation to disseminate this information, therefore if it pleases you to assist us in this duty, please mail us back at: for further information.

Thanks and best regards.

Yours Faithfully,

Joanne Chris.

11 thoughts on “Latest email scam playing on religious belief is amazingly laughable.

  1. At least this preys on people’s good intentions, as opposed to the “help me embezzle $100 million variety” of yore, about which you could say of their victims that they were both stupid and unethical.

  2. Wasn’t scam already a *really substantial* part of Nigeria? Sure helps stamp out poverty, thanks to all those suckers wink


    PS: Les, captcha (not logged in now either) wasn’t working on the first try this time either.

  3. this was the point when i knew, no matter what jerr jenkins or tim lahaye might sell…er, tell me otherwise, was indeed the drawing nigh of the apocalypse.

    i know you don’t believe in God, Les, but all i can think of is God summoning up ol’ Satan himself. upon arriving, he calls him near. then slaps him stupid. “what was THAT for?” the Devil would say. “because. now get out.”

  4. Did I miss read that, or did they type “down throbin” ones? I feel bad for all those people who are motherless, their births must have sucked. Wow and she was mandated even. That makes it sound ever so offical. Now for what has to be my favorite quote from this letter, “this is if this touches your human feeling, we pray that you understand my point in this, therefore we would be very happy if you consider our appeal and donate even a cent just for the support of work of God in helping to keep the world going.” Hey keep your damn hands of my “human feeling.” I also love that the all powerful god would need money to keep the world going. Does he burn the money in his world spinning furnace or something? Anyway thanks for posting this, I needed a good laugh.

  5. Hello sir,
      my name is wale oluwadare from westafrica and i will want you to be of help to me cus i have a wife who has breast cancer and in will want you to help me in the name of God.

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