It’s official: More people using Broadband rather than Dial-up these days.

According to this news item at the number of people using Broadband of some form to access the internet has surpassed the number of people using Dial-up for the first time.

As of July, there were 63 million people using broadband at home, making up 51 percent of the total U.S. Internet population, according to market research company Nielsen/NetRatings. That’s a 47 percent jump from last year, when broadband totaled only 38 percent of all U.S. online households.

“Consumers are driving it,” Nielsen/NetRatings analyst Marc Ryan said about the gains. “Consumers really like having a faster connection. Speed really doesn’t kill. Speed is what people want.”

Broadband penetration was especially high among consumers under the age of 20, approaching 60 percent, the study said.

Cable leads the way in the States unlike the rest of the world where DSL tends to dominate the broadband market, but the DSL providers seem intent on trying to change that as they’re offering better deals and starting to unbundle their DSL from their land line services to make it more attractive. Of course part of the reason DSL does so well elsewhere is the same reason that cable does better here: more speed for lower prices.

I must admit I miss the days when I was one of the few with broadband and was commonly referred to as a Low-Ping Bastard (LPB) on the various game servers I played on.

2 thoughts on “It’s official: More people using Broadband rather than Dial-up these days.

  1. Oh goodie – I was starting to wonder if I was becoming a pain in the butt to folks here by posting all the images I do. Suffer minority modem bastards! tongue rolleye

  2. Yes, it was fun being an LPB smile

    They had delayed cable in my area, and I had been told “just keep calling back”.  After my weekly calls, cable entered our neighborhood eight months early smile  I’m pesky!


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