Introducing Melvin. The Official SEB Cat.

OK, I promised everyone a pic once Melvin arrived and as of last night he’s now here. Cindy and David showed up around 8PM last night with Melvin in the pet carrier we had bought for him and the two of them stayed around for a couple of hours to visit. It was nice seeing my sister and brother-in-law on my birthday as it’s been awhile since we’ve last had a chance to hang out with them. Melvin seems to have adjusted to his new home relatively well as he spent most of the evening last night exploring and not making much of a fuss at all. He does seem to be fond of laying in dark secluded spots (as you will see in the pic), but he didn’t immediately rush to one when we let him out of the carrier and refuse to budge. All in all he’s been quite good and only freaked out a little bit when I took my shower this morning. He sat outside the bathroom door calling out to me and every time I’d answer, he’d call out again sounding rather pitiful. He didn’t stop until I got done with my shower and showed him I was OK. He’s got a few patches of fur missing where they had to shave him to close up the wounds he received from the dog and some of his fur around those spots is a little bleached from the hydrogen peroxide used to clean the wounds, but he’s a beautiful cat just the same. He hasn’t climbed up into anyone’s lap yet, but he will come over and let you pet him and he loves to be brushed. I think he’s going to adjust and become a happy part of the family in record time.

OK, enough with the status reports. Here’s what you’ve been looking for:

20 thoughts on “Introducing Melvin. The Official SEB Cat.

  1. Awww! Cute kitty! Of course, I’m allergic as all hell, so there goes my chance of visiting ya anytime soon.  wink

  2. Hey, Melvin looks cool. Evil too wink

    You’re right, he makes a good SEB-Cat. Yet – a *heart-shaped* tag! Poor thing wink


  3. Congrats on the new family member. He’s a great looking cat. From the shape of his face and the fact that alot of black cats have Siamese in their background, he will probably be a “talker” so be prepared. It sounds like he has already demonstrated this skill while you were in the shower. He may have wanted to be in the bathroom and possibly has that cat attraction thing for running water.


  4. Your new kittycat sure is a beauty.  My girl cat, Mahalia is on my lap and reached up to put her paw on Melvin’s picture.  He has been bestowed a great honor.
    BTW:  you need to update your Personal Stats now that you are 37

  5. Oh I didn’t mention the shower thing?  There is something about the shower that makes him meow.  I don’t know what.  He did that here too at first I thought it was because he had to see us naked, but I guess that wasn’t it. ohh

  6. Even though he’s got the “pet eye” reflection going on… Melvin does have pretty green/blue eyes of his own.  Well I think they look green blue, but maybe that’s a bias thing!  LOL!  smirk

  7. That’s an attractive cat you’ve got there Les, and so appropriate, as ingolfson pointed out, for a Stupid Evil one.

    May your coven and new familiar have many successful full-moon-lit gatherings and may the Great Horned One himself deign to attend and empower your Black Masses. Blessed Be!
    (Gee, I hope I said all of the above correctly; I only know what I read about Satanism and witchcraft. If not, please don’t turn me into a toad or anything)

  8. Melvin looks like he’s going to fit in just fine in SEB land.  His face has the site’s tag-line written all over it.

    I’m with ingolfson, you’ve got to find a new ID tag for the poor guy.  Thanks for sharing the pic!

  9. We had very limited choices in terms of tags. We wanted to use the blue one, but it was shaped like a bone and considering that Melvin is currently recovering from being chewed on by a dog…

    …well that would be somewhat humorous, but I’m sure it would be lost on a lot of folks.

  10. I loves me some black cats.

    I had one that loved to dash madly through the shower while I was in it—climb in through the front of the shower curtain, race the length of the tub, and shoot out the back.  It must have been the equivalent of a scary roller coaster ride.  “Wow, that was wild! … Let’s go again!”

  11. I am a big (big) cat fan.  Through cats one can easily learn how different intelligence/sentience can be in nature—that a spectrum of awareness/values/priorities exists within what we call “intelligent.”  If, like myself, you largely work out of home, cats are extremely interesting to observe.

    I have two cats:  shlomo(m) & ossi(f).  They are litter-mates (born of the same female and male), but very, very different in their flavor of intelligence.  Shlomo is much more domesticated, easily relating to humans.  He seeks new ones out that might enter my home.  Although not into being picked up and trotted about, unlike Ossi, he definitely wants to “belong” to the alpha-male set in the house.  If we’re on the couch, he’s gotta be at the same height—if not on the same exact surface.

    Food?  It’s not how much you give, but that you share your food with Shlomo.  Often a mere square centimeter of chicken suffices.  As if you give up a tidbit at the beginning of the dish, and he’ll then be outta your face.  I’d say his values and priorities are all about status in the household/den, and being at the top.

    Ossi, on the other hand, is probably substantially smarter than Shlomo, *but* less domesticated.  To Ossi the bathroom is all about running (i.e., fresh) water.  Whenever one of us enters the bathroom (and isn’t using the sink—she can tell the difference) she’ll often jump up onto the sink and look back and meow.  Cats, like humans, flavor their water.  For example, running water is one flavor.  But, in my house i often have a lot of plant clippings rooting in jars of water for several weeks.  Certain plants must output certain tastes/materials into the water.  Some of these standing jars are extremely popular, others less so.  But, running (fresh) water, is always popular —and something only the two humans can supply the cat faction of the house.

    Hunting patterns also factor into all sorts of cat behavior.

    []Sleeping: they’ll often sleep back to back, for early warning protection in either direction? Ossi will chase the string/mouse, tiring it out,while Shlomo wates ready to pounce and crush:  Stamina vs. Strength.

    []Shlomo eats first, Ossi always next—often sacrificing her share of whatever meal scrap we give once Shlomo is done with his bit.

    [] Shlomo has certain (revolving) sleep-locals, Ossi has her own.  Shlomo is often situated above Ossi.

    There’s a great book out there that details a lot of cat behavior and is fairly well recognised as being definitive regarding domesticated felines:  Roger Tabor’s Cat Behavior

    As you can see i really get into cats.  If you have the time, you can learn a great deal by just sitting back and watching their behavior.

  12. Melvin would be stylin’ in something retro like this tag: (1.25” x .75”)

    There’s even one where you can slap on a custom logo and the SEB tag-line.  er…That might not go over too well if Melvin is picked up by some unsuspecting Baptist out there.

  13. Some cats have this strange thing about showers and bathtubs.  Felix will stand outside the shower and meow at me the whole time I’m in there too, like he’s trying to save me from the water.

    We try to tell him that the “water box” isn’t hurting us, but I don’t think he understands why ANYONE would willingly immerse themselves in water.

    He’s a very handsome cat.  Even with the heart tag wink

  14. That is cool, DS, but where the hell do you get it?

    Elwed, they’ll Evangelize anything with a pulse that sits still for two seconds.

  15. OOOO I would love some tags like that.  A little variety to replace the circle and bones that are jingling around my house.

  16. Melvin’s a beautifully evil-looking cat, and those eyes!

    My late cat had a thing about the shower too, she loved to cool off inside it…as long as the water wasn’t turned on *supresses evil snirk*

  17. Here’s the link to most interesting pet tags that I have been able to find.

    Speedy Pet Products

    They have several tags like the one I posted earlier plus cartoons, pictures, and some really nice metal tags. 

    My cat, Matari, is extremely well outfitted in kitty paraphernalia.  Water fountains, nail files, heated cushions, etc…  She still loves chasing a stupid tin foil ball down the stairs most of all.

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