I’m a mean and evil IM chatter.

More fun talking to random idiots in IM:

Joker250000: hi

StupEvilBst: Howdy.

Joker250000: hi
Joker250000: whats up

StupEvilBst: Not much. Reading email.

Joker250000: o ic
Joker250000: lol
Joker250000: who is this anyways

StupEvilBst: Bad question to ask.

Joker250000: why

StupEvilBst: Because it’s a good way to get banned.

Joker250000: well my name is andy
Joker250000: o ic

StupEvilBst: Seriously, if you have me on your contact list shouldn’t you have some idea of how or why I’m there?
StupEvilBst: This is a big pet peeve of mine.

Joker250000: oooo i am so srry
Joker250000: :’(

StupEvilBst: I’m not looking for an apology.

Joker250000: ummmm
Joker250000: ok
Joker250000: i am lost
Joker250000: are u mad at me

StupEvilBst: Not yet.

Joker250000: ummmm i think i should not talk to u
Joker250000: bye

StupEvilBst: Probably a good idea.

Moron. It really does surprise me how many people out there will add any random IM contact to their buddy list for no apparent reason and then ask who the hell you are when they try to chat at you. How the hell should I know why I’m on your contact list if you don’t know?

18 thoughts on “I’m a mean and evil IM chatter.

  1. In the dawn of time… Mammals left the oceans.. Man stood erect and walked… Man learned to talk…Thus in a single day one could only be exposed to a limited number of stupid people based on how far one might walk.  Now we have high speed communication right in the comfort of your own home.  Here lies the internet conundrum, instant access to the wonders of the world but instant access to a plethora of instant assholes!

  2. what’s bad is when some idj “shares” their buddy list with someone else who shares it with someone else…  “who is this” over and over.  too bad my last id had to die becuase of that.

  3. Every time I log into ICQ I get some russian women wanting me to approve their adding me to their contact list. Yahoo messenger unfortunately has em just talking to me out of the blue.  Heck I pulled out the old Diablo II disks and have been having a little Battle.net fun and someone joins my game asking me if I want to “cyber.”  I just don’t understand.  Need some sort of Idiot Blocker software.

  4. I love MSN for that reason; you can block people and/or say NO when they try to add you. Yahoo is notorious for the sheer number of idiots roaming the airways waiting for someone to pester.

  5. Yeah MSN is my preferred IM client, even if Microsoft is the evil empire. They do get some things right and MSN Messenger is one of them. I’ll leave that one turned on even when I shut Trillian down.

  6. I especially hate it when people IM you, have added you to their buddy list, and then proceed to curse you out when you don’t know who they are.

  7. Eeedjiot: Hi, who are you?
    Me: I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you???

    Ahh, the joy of fuck-knuckles with access to instant communications…

  8. Chatzilla is an IRC client. It works great if you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing and configuring a 3rd-party IRC client. And my Yahoo Messenger Tip of the Day: Invisible Mode is your friend. Not only does it prevent some random asshole from IMing you (Those people go on who appears to be logged in, and if you are invis, you appear to be logged out), but it gives you the freedom of choosing who YOU want to talk to, even people already on your list smile

  9. Les, when I read what you wrote….
    I laughed so hard I woke up the whole family.
    Not that it’s funny or anything but I had read other comments of yours some time ago describing how much you hate these situations( I believe it was e-mail contact lists having your address not knowing who you were )…anyway…It’s good to laugh.
    Thanks !

  10. I get that a lot, and for some reason people I maybe have talked to once or twice will IM me under a different screen name, and expect me to know what’s going on.

    No AIM manners at all. 🙁

  11. Pardon me while I run off to add Les to my ICQ list and then ask him who he is and what is he doing on my list… brb

  12. There we go, he’s added. Now I just have to wait for him to come online on ICQ and I’ll strike, mwahahahahaha!

  13. Wow, I stop by this site every once in a while to see how the other side thinks, and have discovered that you are indeed one bad-ass nerd!  Holy shit!  watch out for this guy!  He’ll beat your ass in a video game!  Wow, you really showed that guy that was chatting with you…and thats cool…i guess…at least it gets the ladies…thanks buddy, youve lowered the bar for us all…Oh, wait, I love your groupies too, say hi to them for me.

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