Hurricane Charley one of the worst storms in years.

Looks like hurricane Charlie is tearing things up pretty badly down in Florida. President Bush has already declared several counties as disaster areas and the storm is just now hitting the Carolina coasts. I’ve got friends and family in the path and I hope they’re all safe and sound and make it through this OK. I’ll have to see if I can check in with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle in Daytona Beach, but I’ve already heard from my friend Michael Brady via instant messenger in Wilmington, NC where the storm was just hitting about a half-hour ago. It was discomforting to have him suddenly sign off in the middle of the conversation and I can only assume he must have lost power at that point. Hopefully he and his fellow voice actors will make it through safely. I don’t recall where exactly my other relatives reside in that State, but hopefully they’ll be OK as well.

If you in that area let us know if you’re OK. If you’re in the storms path, be sure to batten down the hatches real tight. This one has been nasty so far.

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Charley one of the worst storms in years.

  1. Just note that Shrub wanted focus on FL for election purposes:  we happen to know the gov has the tech/power to divert and weaken hurricanes, if they want. Apparently Shrub ordered them t’
    let this’un go.  Stupid evil technology, unused
    this time!!!!

  2. This is a fairly tense time around our household.  We’re still waiting to hear from a couple of family members down in there.  I’m pretty sure that all is okay as they’ve been through this before and have a sound evacuation plan but it sucks none the less. 

    It’s amazing amount the of power that nature can generate and it demands a tremendous amount of respect.  All we can do is continue to learn about how it works and how to better coexist within our habitat.

    I’ve seen quite a few political spin-offs based on this event and it is sad that this will somehow take on a political spin one way or another.  One thing that I did find a bit humorous in the press conference before the storm was Jeb Bush saying that Federal Assistance had already been secured, before any actual damage had occurred.

    Just found out my sister lost her computer to water damage.  I think I’ll package up a laptop and ship it out Monday so she can have something to play on until she gets around to getting a new machine.  *sigh*

  3. Man I almost moved down there a couple of years ago!
    The storm probably hit the very house(s) I was looking at just north of Ft. Myers. Sure am glad the company decided to move up here to Baltimore!

  4. Hi all, I live here in the middle of a nightmare.  Charley wreaked havoc in our community, but not as much as 20 miles north of here in Punta Gorda.  We still, 6 days later, have no electricity, water or help.  We haven’t even seen FEMA yet in our area.  We are talking !!!6!!!! days after the storm. 

  5. My brother has been a roofer for twenty years ans wants to help out in Fl. He can get there but has no place to stay. Do you have anyone I can contact. Do you have any leads I can follow.

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