Happy Birthday to Me.

OK, this is the official Self-Congratulatory Happy Birthday to myself entry. Today I am officially 37 years old.

*waits for the sounds of uproarious applause and gasps of astonishment to calm down before continuing*

Thank you, I’m as amazed as you are that I managed to survive this long and yet still manage to look as fabulous as I do. Though I must confess that I was disappointed that this year, much like last year, I was not awakened by the sounds of trumpets heralding the arrival of this very special day as one might expect given the significance it holds. I’m sure this was just a clerical oversight by one of my minions and will not be repeated again next year.

As for how it feels to turn 37 all I can say is that it feels pretty much the same as being 36 so far, which is also somewhat disappointing as I was kind of hoping that it would bring with it some stunning insight into the nature of reality and the meaning of life. So far the only deep and meaningful insight I’ve had today involved a cheese danish and bad coffee and wasn’t really all that insightful when I sat down to consider the implications closely. Still, I’m sure that I’m just a late starter on the whole blinding-flashes-of-wisdom thing and I’ll probably start spouting mind numbing truths within the week or so. Stay tuned, I’m just getting started.


Update: My Mom posted a little entry about me that some of you might be interested in as well. She even uses my full first name! *GASP!*

37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me.

  1. Well, Les, I turned 45 yesterday and there were no trumpets for me either, although my new kitty bit my nose in recognition of the event.  I just noticed that it is getting much more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  And that was never easy to begin with.  I think I’m now “officially” middle-aged.  You, however, won’t notice much of a difference for a few years yet.

  2. Happy Birthday, Les!  Make sure you do something fun, and entirely for yourself, today!  That’s what birthdays are for!

    That, and of course, cake.  The cake is also muy importante.

  3. Was the cheese danish fresh?  And do try to get some better coffee.  Because, I find that often affects the quality of my blinding flashes of insight.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Congratulations Les!  You made it to 37.  Must have been all those people praying for you.

    Maybe you’ll get luck and Tek will jump out of your b-day cake.  Enjoy the day and reflect back on what an interesting 37 years it has been.

  5. Congratulations! I thought it was illegal to be over 35 years of age but again you entertain me to become a “should be dead by now” 37 year old!

  6. Many happy returns of the day, Les!

    You don’t look a day over … er … 35.  wink


  7. Thank you everyone! I do appreciate all the good wishes. Wish I could have taken the day off of work, but I’ll be meeting my new cat once I get home this evening and enjoying a little bit of cheese cake and ice cream so I can’t complain. grin

  8. Happy Birthday Les!
    I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hey, maybe the trumpets will play for you when you are about to fall asleep tonight. After all that is when you would least expect it right? And what fun would it be for the trumpets to play when you wanted them to?

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!!  I have you beat by 11 years,yet haven’t gained much in the way of insight.  I AM taking a college class and that has been an eye-opening experience.  Participation without authority is quite refreshing.

  10. Les, Les – 42. 42’s the number. Not 37.

    Just wait. 42 – and all will become clear.

  11. Happiest wishes Les, and thanks for sharing your life with us. Please have many more, of both birthdays and lives.

    Oh, and if you want to know the meaning of life and all that, it’s simple – The meaning of life is to live (and to help others to live, as well). Once, you accept that your life should happen (and it’s really an individual decision) then the fine tuning can begin.

    That’s it, and I’m glad I could help with a tough one.

  12. Happy belated birthday, Les! I’m just starting to get caught up in my reading and didn’t want this to slip past.

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