Half-Life 2’s graphics are simply stunning.

The guys over at Planet Half-Life have an arcitle up on a presentation given by Valve’s Viktor Antonov at the recent Siggraph. The pic over to the right and the two along the bottom are all taken from the upcoming release of Half-Life 2 and show just how realistic video game graphics are becoming. Some of the images in Viktor’s presentation were near-impossible to distinguish from real world photographs.

At the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles, Valve’s Viktor Antonov participated on a panel entitled, “Next Generation Game Visuals.” During his part of the presentation, he used a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate world creation, research, architecture, lighting, and concepts for the art direction of Half-Life 2. This article recreates the highlights of that presentation.

Click for bigger pics!

This game can’t get here fast enough for me. I just hope my PC is up to the challenge of running it at a decent resolution with all the goodies turned on. DOOM 3 starts to choke my PC at 800×600 with medium quality settings and this looks way better than DOOM 3 in my mind. It’s hard to believe we’ve come so far since the days of PONG and the Atari 2600.

11 thoughts on “Half-Life 2’s graphics are simply stunning.

  1. I think the screens still look to ‘clean’ to be fully photo-realistic. If you look cloesly, you’ll see that all the clutter, dirt and so on is not as natural as you’d expect.

    Not that I ain’t slavering over them too grin

    By the way, my first PC gaming experience was GATO (submarine simulation in the pacific, precursor of Silent Service)?

    Somewhere in the 80s. Without it, I might have gone on to console gaming or something, but as it was, I soon ditched by C64 and had my first own PC. Helped that my father was a programmer…


  2. That ‘?’ in the third paragraph was supposed to be: Does anyone remember that game?

  3. HL2 won’t be as graphically intensive as Doom3, I guarantee it.

    Les, your computer should do fine.

  4. The HL2 Engine is more streamlined and contains less graphically intense features than the Doom3 engine. HL uses common explosions like grenades and whatnot, whereas Doom3 uses all sorts of funky futuristic effects. I would say that it should run fine on any current graphics cards with at least 128 meg video ram.

  5. Those are impressive images, but they are from in-game “movies,” right? I mean actual gameplay, where you move around and shoot monsters and stuff, won’t look that good, right?

  6. Hey those are some awesome graphics. A little too real for me. I mean how do I know when I’m watching the evening news they didn’t just work that up on the computer? Hmmmmm? Just food for thought.

    Love and light

  7. From what I’ve seen of the game I’d say it’s easily on par with DOOM 3 in terms of the graphics work being done. Perhaps not as many moving organic structures as DOOM 3, but still a shitload of bump mapping and shader rendering.

    Zak, those are actual game graphics, not pre-rendered movies. That’s what it’ll look like when you’re wandering around blasting things.

    Robyn, it’s almost hard to tell now. grin

  8. I should say, Zak, that that’s what the game will look like assuming you have a semi-recent video card. You can download movies of the game in action over at 3D Gamers.com and they are definitely worth checking out.

  9. (Shudders slightly, wipes the drool from the side of his mouth, wonders about the crappy graphics card on his notebook, goes to bed …)

  10. OK, I’m still not in bed yet because I just downloaded the Tenements Trailer and the Ravenholm Trailer and my eyes have popped out of my head and I’m still missing one of them someplace on the dark floor.

    Zak, if you want an idea of what the game will look like in motion then go download those trailers.

  11. *Sits down calmly, taps a sheaf of papers on the desk in front of him, setting them down carefully*

    Holy. Crap.

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