“Half-Life 2” to go Gold on Monday. Owner of SEB spazzes out.

According to this news item on PC.ign.com Valve has announced that Half-Life 2 will go Gold on Monday.

August 27, 2004 – In a bit of late-breaking news tonight, Gabe Newell, Managing Director of Valve Software, announced that Half-Life 2 is scheduled to go gold on Monday. For the uninitiated, “going gold” means the game (the 100% final version) has been copied to a disc and is being sent out to manufacturers for duplication. Going from duplication to retail shelves can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on the size of the distribution and other factors.

As soon as we know the retail date, you’ll know, so stay tuned!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and scare the cat by completely freaking out in a very unadult manner.

Update: The folks at Gamespy also have a news story up on this. Thanks to Ingolfson for the link.

Updated update: Looks like the announcement may have been faked. See the pc.ign.com article for more info. DAMMIT.

Thanks to Danny for the heads up.

Oh the sweet, sweet torture!

6 thoughts on ““Half-Life 2” to go Gold on Monday. Owner of SEB spazzes out.

  1. Well, being ‘Gabe Newell’ and setting your password to ‘Gaben’…

    Still, someone must have been MIGHTYLY bored to try out all those passwords.


  2. Hehe phone psychic, if you were really psychic you’d have realised how long the links to your retarded sites will remain here.

  3. Phone Psychic logic is strange!  “I like your site [big happy smiles]  That is why I am taking a big stinky poo on it [no graphic necessary]”

    Too bad we can’t find out where they live, and go leave a flaming bag of poo on their doorstep.

  4. They’re gone now. It always amazes me when someone is willing to sit down to cut and paste comment spam to get around the captcha.

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