Graphical Guide to the Blogosphere

Now this is interesting: Graphical Guide to the Blogosphere.

Don’t know exactly what it is or how it’s assembled, but SEB is included in the listing under the MISC heading. I only found it because it was showing up in my referrer listing.

3 thoughts on “Graphical Guide to the Blogosphere

  1. It’s actually kind of interesting how few of the ones posted I actually read—particularly the left/right political ones.  Though I’m now making it a point to review the “Centrist” blogs.

  2. I don’t read most of them. But then I’ve got obscure tastes. I didn’t even realise how popular SEB was until after I’d e-mailed Les. There are some interesting links from that page to similar sites, by the way, and also some Blog showcase pages for those after new readership.

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