Getting ready for a new mouth to feed.

We were supposed to drive up to my parent’s place today and stay over until tomorrow when we’d bring Courtney home from her week long visit, but we ended up staying home so we could prepare for a new addition to the family. If you’ve been reading my sister’s blog at all then you already know about Melvin, the wounded cat she took in recently. Melvin was originally living at the group home that Cindy works at, but has been in my sister’s care for the past couple of weeks due to injuries he received from a possible dog encounter that didn’t go well for Melvin. He had some pretty bad wounds and Cindy spent around $300 of her own money to get him patched up at the vets even though she really couldn’t afford to do so. She already has a couple of cats, a dog, and a bird living with her and her husband in their single-wide mobile home, though, so she really didn’t have the room for another cat. I haven’t had a cat around since I moved into this apartment five years ago in part because they didn’t allow pets, but not too long ago they relaxed their standards a bit and are allowing cats and small dogs now as long as we pay an additional $150 non-refundable deposit and $15 more a month on our rent. Still, we were planning on waiting until we bought a house before we took on a pet just due to the small size of the apartment. Besides we can’t really afford to spend the $150 let alone take on the costs of food, litter, cat toys, etcetera…

…but we’re going to do it anyway. I mean, why should Cindy be the only person in the family spending money they don’t really have on pets they don’t really need? Besides, it’s probably going to be a couple more years before we’re in any shape to buy a house here in Canton and we don’t really want to live anywhere else. And I miss having a cat around. Cindy called this morning and let us know that Melvin had been checked out by the vet, the last of his stitches had been removed, and he was ready to travel. So instead of heading up to Otisville today we stayed home and checked out the brand spanking new PETsMART that just opened up within two miles of our apartment. I’d never been in one before and I have to say that I am impressed. The prices seemed reasonable enough and the staff were both friendly and helpful. I was very surprised to find out that they don’t sell cats and dogs at the store, but rather they make space available to local animal welfare groups to present cats and dogs for adoption. The store we were at today also had a representative from Pet Guardian Angels of America with an adult Golden Labrador that they had rescued and were hoping to find a good home for. This poor dog was recovering from the abuse of neglect having been kept in a small kennel for over a year and poorly fed. She was walking up to anyone in the store she could and just leaning on them so they’d pet her. I’m not as big a fan of dogs as I am cats, but if I’d had a house with a nice yard I would’ve been sorely tempted to adopt the dog to go along with the cat. Which just goes to show I’m as big an animal sap as my sister is.

Anyway, we picked up a covered litter box kit that came with a floor mat, charcoal filter, scoop, and a free 14 lb box of Scoop Away cat litter. Some Nutro Max adult cat food. A pet carrier. A food and water dish with a nice little place mat for them. A handful of inexpensive cat toys, some of which had catnip in them to help him mellow out a bit after the transition to his new home. A cat brush and nail clippers seeing as we’re going to try and turn Melvin into an indoor-only cat (being in an apartment and all). A package of cat treats. And last, but not least, a safety collar with an ID tag listing him as Melvin Jenkins with our address and phone number just in case he manages to make a dive for the doorway when we’re not paying attention. We held off on the scratching post and pet bed until we find out just how big our new pet is going to be because we realized that we don’t really know how big he is yet. We have absolutely no idea where the hell we’re going to put all this stuff in the apartment, but we’ll find someplace for it all in due time I’m sure. Or at least by Monday which is when Melvin will be coming home with Anne. Anne and I are actually feeling some anticipation at this point, but I’m sure Courtney is excited as hell right now as she’s been wanting a pet since she first came to live with me. She’s been very understanding about it all and has never made a fuss over the fact that we couldn’t have one previously, but I’m sure this is great news as far as she’s concerned.

So now I get to fully come into the blogger cliche by talking about my cat and posting pictures of him as if any of you people even give a shit. That’s OK, this cat definitely fits in with the Jenkins family. He’s a survivor and, according to Cindy at least, he manages to maintain a happy and loving attitude no matter how badly life treats him at times. That’s something I can respect and just the sort of pet this house needs.

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  1. Kudos to you on your decision! I adore cats as does my girlfriend (she has like 4 or 5 of them and once we get a bigger place, we are sure to get more). And as for Petsmart, that is how all of them are, they don’t sell cats or dogs, but instead have the local animal groups display those who are ready for adoption into loving homes. Good to know even the lowliest of creatures has a place in the hearts of man smile

  2. My cat Mooch caught this entry first and recommended it to me. Unaware as she might be that I read every entry and every reply at SEB (and have since I first discovered it) I still couldn’t help but feel a certain pride that my cat is a Stupid Evil reader too.

    I allowed her to type out a response to this entry but it is unintelligible so I’ll relate what she wants to say.

    “Congratulations hairy man with no fur on head. You seem to be a worthy house-mate so I am glad to know that one of my kind will be keeping you. Best wishes for many warm lyings on and lickings of each other. Don’t forget to give Melvin crumpled wads of paper to bat around – I find these to be most entertaining. Keep up the good talking”

    I add my congratulations and best wishes for a happy co-mingling. Thanks for giving a needy pet a welcoming home.

  3. Congratulations Les!  It’s always cool when you take in a little critter and give it a better life.

    The wife and I just recently did the same, although, as dog people, we picked a pooch.  We lost our thirteen year old Chow/Samoyed mix last week.  Our way of coping with the trauma was to spend a few days trolling the animal shelters.  We got ourselves a Chow Shepard mix.  She can’t replace Nikki, but she’s cute enough, and is learning quickly.

    If you think adopting a pet is expensive, though, try paying for pain medication, x-rays, euthanasia and cremation.  Ran us about 700$ and they didn’t even fix our pup.  For 700$, I want my dog to come home with me with a “gauranteed to live at least two more years” ticket.

    Oh well.

    Enjoy the new kitty cat!  Before long, as Brock pointed out, she’ll have you well trained!

  4. Nowiser, sorry to hear about Nikki.  Hope your new pup fills your heart with the wagging-tail feeling.

    Les, dont’ worry about the blogging cliche of writing about your cat.  I have written about my cat Oscar on at least four occasions that I can remember and mentioned both cats on another occasion (when they helped us shoo a bat out of our house.)  It’s to be expected and cold-hearted readers who don’t care will just skip to the next entry.

    Scratch the little critter under the chin for me &  MrsDOF!

  5. Geez Les, if you wanted another mouth to feed and a pet why not just get a tape worm? It would love you more than a cat. tongue wink

    Sorry, just felt the need to do some good old fashioned cat bashing.

  6. Hey Les, Congrats!

    Man, I find myself thinking of getting a cat (or two!) myself as well. I’ve been putting it off for years now, since the cat we had while I was a kid could always go outside, and I just couldn’t conceive of keeping one indoors all the time (I live in a middle-sized one-person flat – right in the middle of town).

    But recently my mother has adopted a stray kitten (2 months old) that came wandering by (well, she has a house in the countryside…).

    Then I read the blog entry about the little kitten your mother found on her blog, and I was really sadabout that. Just wait – you’re going to make me get a cat myself, if you continue like that wink

    I’ll definitely think earnestly about it once I survived my exams. Gonna get one from an animal shelter too. Some young one that can get used to living inside.


  7. grin Ingolfson Please do think about a cat.  They are almost little people with fur.  Our Molly is always laying on the floor near either Jay or I every night.  When one of us is upstairs on the computer and the other one downstairs she will lay on the landing so she can watch both of us.

  8. I know, I know – I grew up with one. I’m a real cat person. But I still have to think about it, seeing that my flat is not huge (it has a big balcony though, which I can easily cover with a net or something so a cat couldn’t fall off) and I might well be gone 8-10+ hours a day once I finish my studies and get a job.

    Thats why I have been thinking about getting TWO kittens at the same time, seeing as that would make them able to get used to inside-only life and to keep each other company during the day. As I said, I will mull this over once I am done with the current exams.


  9. Getting two kittens at the same time is always a good idea.  Then they have a playmate when your life gets busy.  I understand about the space I have four cats between 1 and 8 years old, a dog and a bird all living in my trashy trailer.  I can’t wait until Melvin goes to live with you all.  I know he will be very happy there.

  10. Congratulations, Les, and good choice on the Nutro. :o)

    nowiser: If you’re going to do it all again, I highly recommend pet insurance. It’s worth every penny.

  11. nowiser: If you’re going to do it all again, I highly recommend pet insurance. It’s worth every penny

    Yep.  We get two free months for adopting from a shelter, and it’s only six bucks a month after that.  Pretty damn reasonable, considering that they’ll pay up to a couple of thousands of dollars worth of vet bills.

    They cap their payouts at three different occasions over the life of the person who’s buying the insurance, but if you “save” your uses for things that are really necessary, the insurance can, literally, be a lifesaver.

    I just wish we had thought of it before Nikki got his GVR.  He was almost fourteen years old, which is pretty old for a 75 pound Chow/Sammmy mix, but if we’d had the insurance we might have been able to squeeze another year out of him.

    Oh well.  You live and learn.

    Capcha “remember” my pup.  He was the best.

  12. Nikki was the name of my childhood dog. A better companion could not have been had. Must be something about that name that causes it’s recipient to strive to be the best.

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