George W. Bush does not read my blog.

I know this for a fact. Because if he did he wouldn’t have bothered leaving me a voice mail asking for my vote. Seriously. THE George W. Bush called my home phone number and left me a personal message asking me to help him and Dick Cheney get reelected this fall. It was so damned amusing I had to save it to my computer so I could upload it to my blog.

Silly, silly President. Now that I think of it, though, it’s possible it might not have actually been THE George W. Bush after all. This fella manages to get through his little speech without mangling a single word or pausing to include a dozen or so “uh uh’s” before completing his sentence. I bet that wasn’t THE George W. Bush after all! Probably one of them celebrity impersonators, maybe Will Ferrell or somebody. Oh well, it was amusing none-the-less. It’s probably best I wasn’t around to answer the phone as this would’ve been my reply.

17 thoughts on “George W. Bush does not read my blog.

  1. LOl!

    Next week, same program: listen to the Pope trying to convert Les via telemarketing.

  2. Paraphrase?  Um …….. most of the time he just talks in circles anyway.  So it might be hard for me do that for you at this time.

  3. I couldn’t actually get Bush’s message to play on my computer, I was wondering if someone could paraphrase it for me.

    In a nutshell – I’m President Bush and I want to let you know that you’ll be receiving your absentee ballot in the mail shortly.  Dick and I have done a swell job for the country and need your support so make sure to fill out your ballot and give us four more years to keep our nation safe and our economy strong.  This message paid for by Bush/Cheney Inc.

    At least he didn’t hit Les up for money.  I’m not sure why Les would have come up on a call list for absentee ballots.  Maybe he stayed in hotel in one of the battleground states in the past year.

    On a side note.  What do property costs look like in Canada?

  4. That is so precious. I think that’s the word I wanted to use. It sounded like one of those edited together spoofs only they edited it to sound like he can speak a few sentences in a row.

  5. deadscot, depends on where you are, but in anywhere besides Vancouver or Toronto they’re substantially lower than major urban centres in the US.  Was there anywhere in particular that you were thinking of?

  6. It will get worse as the election approaches, especially if you’re not registered with either political party. You’re obviously “undecided” so that makes you a target for both sides. It’s even worse here in the big MO and other “battleground states”.

  7. As it turns out, my lovely wife has been harboring a deep and dark secret: She’s a registered Republican. Like many Catholics, however, she’s a lapsed Republican in that she really doesn’t buy into their dogmapolitics much anymore.

    She blames her Dad as he took her out at the age of 18 and had her register as a Republican. So the mystery of why we got called has been solved. It wasn’t me they were calling for, they were trying to get Anne to return to the fold. Too bad she is less fond of Bush than I am.

  8. Those annoying little bastards have completely filled up my home voicemail box.  They’re staying there until after the election.  And why when you try to hang up on these recordings does the connection not break?  Pissing me off is not the best way to get my vote.

    On another note, at risk of sounding ignorant, could someone explain to me how you get those pix in the upper corner of your comments?

  9. Les you made my childrens day (night actually) they listened at least 20 times. I saved it to disk to show my students there is another person on this earth who’s laughter sounds like mine.
    Please for our sakes and our childrens, register and vote!!

  10. I have a confession to make, Larkinsjapn. That wasn’t my laugh. In the interest of saving time I did a Google search and grabbed the best sounding .wav file I could find and used it instead. 

    red face

    I hang my head in shame.

  11. That’s alright Les, it was quite an appropriate laugh for the call!

    That was great!

    It’s nice to see Georgie boy sqirming like this. He must think he’s in trouble of not making it in November if he’s resorting to calling people to get them to vote for him.

  12. Say: can anyone give me the exact time (probably pacific time, wouldn’t it be?) that the polls will close on election day?

    I assume that while polls will close earlier in Florida, they won’t be counted until the Polls in Ccalifornia close, is that correct?

    (What about Hawaii, in that case, though?).

    Anyway, I’d be quite happy if anyone could give me those time(s). I want to throw an election results party over her in ‘Old Europe’. Watch, wait, see, shiver, suspend… and then celebrate with you americans or commiserate on the results.

    But first I need the time to see if a party is even viable (why don’t you have elections on Saturdays wink



  13. Thanks for the link, el, I too was wondering about the avatars.

    I usually vote in the Repub primaries, mainly b/c in the local elections, many of the elected offices only have repubs running for them.  So I figure that is where I would maybe get some sort of choice. 

    Regardless of party, I don’t like political phone calls. 

    Where I live (just north of Dallas, TX), we have early voting, usually monday thru saturday, for 2-3 weeks prior to election days.  I don’t remember if they do it for Presidential elections, but then again, I was working 10+ hour days during the last one, and had to go late on election day.  I do agree that they should put it on a weekend day, or a Friday/Monday and make a 3 day weekend out of it smile

  14. Ingolfson:

    The polls are open on Tuesday November 2nd.  On the east coast, they usually close around 7:30pm EST (six hours behind us here in Denmark).  The polls in the west coast should close at 10:30pm EST.  Not sure about Hawaii though, nor Alaska.  So we in Northern Europe will wake the morning of the third with the poll data coming in, that is, if Florida (the state I lived in prior to moving to DK) does not pull a heist like in 2000… then we are looking at a few days for the final results.
    BTW… I am happily throwing the tyrant out of office with my absentee ballot.  And he knows better not to call me!  smile

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