Fuck you CITI Financial.

So we get this envelope from CITI Financial today that looked like a bill addressed to Anne so I hold onto it. When she opens the envelope the sheet of paper inside also looks like a bill complete with the words ACCOUNT STATEMENT at the top and TRANSACTION DETAILS in the middle.

Except it’s not a bill. It’s a loan offer for $7,500.

Now that pisses me off. It pretty much ensures that I will never sign up for any kind of financial service from CITI Financial even if they’re the only loan company left on the fucking planet. If you’re going to engage in cheap ass deceptive practices just to get me to open your damned envelope then you can go shove a tree up your ass. Who in their right mind would sign up for a loan when it looks like these assholes are already sending you a fucking bill for it? So I can add CITI to my list of companies I’ll never do business with. Hope they’re happy.

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  1. It’s all about getting you to open the envelope.  Stuff like that has a greater return of being opened – and hence, followed up on – than a regular junk mail envelope.  I see this a lot when mailing houses send in proposals.  Shit, even Western Union can make your fund raising materials look like an important telegram (yeah, people still send telegrams, if you can believe that) and/or a money transfer.  The point is to get you to open the envelope, which is a hell of a sight more than you would do if it looked like a typical credit offer or donation solicitation.

    But your response is similar to my response, which is why I would never stoop so low as to trick anyone like that.  If what you have to offer doesn’t speak for itself and you need trickery?  You’re probably playing the wrong damn game.

  2. I haven’t seen the actual envelope or letter but I wouldn’t be surprised if you are one of the many victims of Mail Fraud.  Millions of people are subjected to fraud everyday and the majority of it goes unreported.

    Mail use laws, especially in regard to financial offerings are very stringent.  Fortunately the USPS has set up a website to log multiple offenders. USPS Mail Fraud.

    I got tired of shredding all the crap that these idiots would try and slip by and over the past year worked it down to about handful of junk items a month.  I found out about this at a conference in California and the USPS supposedly uses this information when it comes to contracting bulk mail rates and other such such things.  I figured, I don’t deal with SPAM so why should I deal with junk mail.

  3. I had an experience much like yours today, Les, except due to an email I received.

    It was from an individual named Rosella Mobley with the heading “oil filter 10 philosophers”. That was enough to cause me to wonder how the top philosophers rank oil filters. Surely the advice would be useful in some funky celery-meets-peanut butter yet fundamentally right kind of way, so I clicked on it.

    It was merely an attempt to sell Generic Viagra. When I finally do need Viagra or an equivalent (and if GeekMom is on the market again) I can assure this company that I will go to any other source or do without. The bitches! Do they really think that after misleading me, I would trust them enough to buy from them? Fine then, but they shouldn’t think so!

  4. All spammers should die.  Mailbox spam, e-mail spam, phone spam, cell phone spam, fax spam, spam spam spam spam.  I hate spam.  If I had a shrubbery, I’d shove it up their a**.  Ooops….off on a rant.

  5. Heh, welcome to the club!  You should probably expect more of those delightful offers. 
    Since buying our house about a year ago, both my wife and I get that exact offer from CITI Financial at least once a week!  Yours probably has the name of a local branch manager.  I’ve called mine twice; once to ask the best rate they could offer (18%!!!) and a second time to ask to be removed from their list.  That was over a month ago and I shredded a new ‘Pre-approved Account Statement’ just this afternoon.
    Please let us know if you find a way to stop the flood of junk!

  6. Brock honey, you won’t need Viagra while I’m around. wink

    Unless you have a screaming baby in the house, in which case all bets are off …


  7. There goes SEB’s chances for becoming a family friendly website.  Just when Pat Robertson was starting to lurk in the shadows.

    If this keeps up maybe Les can start selling Geekmom calendars in the Cafepress store.  The men of SEB 2005 calendar has already sold out.

    To get back on topic.  A great first step in stopping the junk mail is contacting your bank and creditors and having them place you on their ‘Do Not Solicit’ (DNS) list.  Also inform them that you don’t want your information shared with any third-parties without your consent.  Be sure to specify all methods of communication you do not want to receive.  When I lived in California they even had to stop using those stupid return envelopes with attached offers for monogrammed pens.

  8. The power of DELETE…

    “Frau H., Frau H. – Ich hab’s Internet gelöscht!”

    Or (in Englisch):

    “Mrs. H., Mrs. H. – I deleted the Internet!”

    (Running gag with me and my best friend who really was met with that dreadful confession by a clueless secretary at her office)


  9. Well, that was supposed to be ‘English’, obviously. Everyone should have noticed that I’m German by now wink

  10. I receive junk mail everyday. We get phone calls from sales people, even though we are X directory.
    Yesterday I had an email from Pat@viking something or other saying I had sent them an email that contained a worm virus. I have never heard of that person and certainly never sent them an email. What sort of nutter is that?!!!!!

    May an asteroid seek out and destroy all senders of unwanted CRAP!!!!

  11. How about this one?  I apply for a debt consolidation loan with these clowns.  They ask me for my list of employers from current day back to 2003.

    I tell them where I work now (civilian job), and I tell them that from 2003 until 2005 I was in Iraq with the US Army.

    They then tell me that they need 2 years tax returns to reflect I’m in the same line of work for the past 2 years, and I cannot count my income because I haven’t been in this line of work for 2 years yet.

    And so, Citi Financial will not grant loans to returning servicemembers who have since gotten out and got other “safer” jobs after fighting for their country.  The same country that their corporation is based in.

    How’s that for F***ed up?

    -SGT Scooby

  12. Citibank basically fucked me for life. I got denied for a student loan that was GUARANTEED BY MY FUCKING COLLEGE because my family’s debt to income ratio is less than 45 percent. I don’t know ANYBODY who has 55% of their income left after paying bills!

    Also, that Indian bastard of a CEO need the get the fuck out of my country.

  13. CitiFinancial Auto is a RIPP-OFF, I bought a 2005 Ford Ranger, Best TRUCK i EVEN HAD, FOLLOWED MAINTENANCE GUIDELINE, AND IT HAS OVER 90K miles, I suddenly became disabled with arthritis on the spine, incurred in the US Army, I advised them, being in hard financial bind, I told them I needed the vehivle because I cannot walk too much and needed it for doctor visits and the like, well, they did not give a shit, they still came and picked it up while I was in my underwear applying my TENS unit to my back, they would not cut me any slack, me being a disabled vet and all, they said I owed over four months payments, I doubt that, I think they where ripping me off, especially after they got all that Obama Bailout, and I did not get shit, being in a financial bind myself, the wife left me after 16 years because of my disability, I cannot perform in bed because of the injury…CitiFinancial has no heart, they only care about themselves…they suck the big one, damn Obama lovers!!!

  14. CitiFinancial are a bunch of crooks…praying on needy people with horrible credit and knowing they are lending to people that will have trouble paying it back… then as at the first sign of being late they harass the hell out of you and make your life a living hell. I had a car loan with M&T bank a few years ago and never had this kind of harassment when I was 5 days late. They call 5 and 6 times a day from multiple numbers, leave at least 2 messages within 30 minutes of each other… send things in the mail…and this is when I have never missed a payment and sometimes I just don’t know when I will have the payment. They start flooding every phone number they have on file if I am 2 days behind and it will go on until I call and at least tell them when I can make the payment. Getting loan from them was the biggest mistake ever and I will pay the price for it and understand that. If you ever got a payday loan, imagine a personal loan from citi as one of those times one hundred thousand. That is what it reminds me of. They take advantage of those in a real bind or need, then charge crazy interest rates and harass you to death if you are even a little behind. They treat even good customers that way.. they are a sick bunch of people and they remind me of why the housing market crashed for lending to those who couldn’t repay. The government acts like they are helping consumers with new financial rules and regulations, but they really only empower the financial institutions. This won’t go on forever… the bottom will fall out soon enough, even for CitiFinancial. They too will have to pay the consequences for their actions just like they make those they lend too accountable. I can’t wait for that day. I will be in the streets cheering… they need to cut interest and stop harassing for being a few days behind. They always act so nice, but behind those pleasant smiles are the most evil people and company I have ever experienced. A sad phenomenon.

  15. Fuck Citi Financial… I am one of the dumb bastards that opened up that envelope right… they sucked me into borrowing $9,700 I understood I made a mistake so I have not used any credit for 4 years or better and I have been making monthly payments to Citi in the amount of $230. So I have them send me an entire print out of every payment I made, I have paid back $7,549 and those crook bastards say I still owe them $9,400. That makes my stomach sick, how the hell do they go home and sleep with themselves they have fucked so many people. Citi Financial and everyone that works for them should take a long walk off a short high cliff I hate them all.. Also does anybody think that they can help me or have any advice is this illegal or?

  16. I had been a Citicards Canada customer for a Citibank Enrich Platinum Mastercard for more than 3 years. Its a cashback card. recently I bough some Apple Iphone 4 more than 02 for my friends. Apple Store doesnot have any problem but Shitibank Rep. seems like Chinese/Indian called me and began harrassing me why you bought so many Iphones. I told for my friends. She asked Why? I told her its none of her business and I never abuse my credit limit and always use less than half of my credit limit. she said you have to tell me as my account is under review.

    I told her that I verified all my purchases so whats the problem and you are not allowed to ask me why I bought this or that as long as its legal and if she want to closed my account just do it but don’t ask me.

    Guess what next day when I was paying in the shop my card is declined which embarrassed me a lot in front of crowd. I called them and they tolm that my account is closed. Also they keep my closed to $100/- cashback.

    Bunch of Bas%^&ds don’t ever trust them always have some cash or other trusted credit card. Citicards Canada sucked as its a US bank I suggest all to use Canadian Banks which are far superior than US Banks.

    BMO bank bought citiback Diners Club hopefully the service will improved but they are expoliting it more.


  17. I was IIRC 17 when these douchebags ACTUALLY let me take a loan without parental consent.
    Ummm… isn’t that illegal? Giving a 17 year old, WHO in CANADA isn’t even “legal age” for most things… THAT kind of money?
    Not only that but back then I was working a MINIMUM wage job…. sooo how the hell did they think a 17 year old could pay back MORE than they make?

    Btw, I’m almost 30, and these douchebags NO MATTER HOW MUCH I PAY… call my work, despite being told REPEATEDLY the owner DOES NOT want calls like this to come in, also, I’ve seen payments actually INCREASE the amount of debt with them… um… yet again, WHAT?

    Seems they just want an infinite loop of money.
    I swear I’ve paid them over the years I’m guessing $10,000 for a freaking $4000 loan.
    They seriously HAVE to be shut down, especially giving loans to KIDS.
    Someone I know… their kid brother went in and got a loan with no credit whatsoever… so “credit checks” they do, are total BS. They SAY they credit check, but I guarantee they don’t and just want money, hence why I nickname them “Money Vultures”

  18. Yea, that damn Citi Financial, a few years ago I bought a Ford Ranger, Financed by the bastids, after I broke in my nice 2005 Ford Ranger, Scranton Ford (now out of business) wanted to buy back my nice truck because there was a big demand on used trucks at the time, I said now way, so I guess they told the lean holder and the commenced to harass me saying that I was late on payments, which I was not, so they set in motion to repo my vehicle and practically stole it from my driveway, by the time I got home from work, my truck was on the hook, I was and still am pissed to be damned…I hate them, I pray they belly up, after they take our tax dollars tha the asshole Obama gave them, they want more, just like those asshole oil companies, it’ nothing but greed, no wonder the world hates us, the government that steals from it’s citizens, we are turning into a goddamn soviet russia if we let these asshole liberals get away with it, I wish I had the strength and wealth to do something about it, I am a disabled veteran and I needed my wheels, they could give two-shits about you and me!!!!!

  19. I had a house loan with citifinancial here In Oklahoma City and they were taking it direct from my bank acct then in sept 2015 they sold my acct to Bayview loan servicing that was to take effect in Nov5. 2015 and they were not suppost to draw money in Nov but they did anyway and didn’t count that so bayview has told me that I still Owed them for Nov even though citi had taken the payment then I find out that I suppostily had what they called a (DSI) Daily simple Intrest loan even though it’s supposed to be fixed Rate morgage. Bayview the new company I told them that citifinancial had taken Nov payment and gave them aCopy of Bank statement to prove this and they said that they would check it out so to speak. They said it would be Jan 2016 before I would know Until then I would be behind ,well now it’s Jan 2016 and Bayview

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