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Tonight as I was flipping channels I noticed that Family Guy was playing on Fox and decided to watch for a bit. I have the DVDs but what else is on? I noticed that they bleeped the word ‘crap’, which must have kept them busy since Peter said it a lot throughout the series but the part that bothered me (but did not surprise me unfortunately) was in episode ‘Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows’ first aired on Fox 01/17/02. As Brian is singing to Pearl, a shut in ex-jingle singer from the early days of television, he sings “…noone really knows my dear lady friend, just quite how it all will end…” while flipping over cards dressed as a fortune teller. The first card he flipped was a mushroom cloud, then a tidal wave, then a volcano, and finally Jerry springer?!? Wait a minute!

Now I am kind of a dork when it comes to animation and if I remember anything well it is the totally inconsequential storylines of my favorite bits, so to prove that my mind is not failing I put the DVD with the episode in question into my DVD player and found the bit in the scenes section. Sure enough the words were all the same but instead of Jerry Springer at the end of the sequence it was a grinning G. W. Bush holding a beer bong. An image that spent a fraction of a second on the screen – even when it was ORIGINALLY aired on FOX less than three years ago – after September 11th ‘changed everything.’ I guess it is their right since they own the rights to it but what a humorless bunch of partisan clods. I had some hope when I heard the rumor that Family Guy might be coming back to TV but if they are going to sanitize it by sending it through their political officer first then why bother?

Anyhow, just a pointless rant, now back to Invader Zim and maybe a few more chapters of reading before bed.

12 thoughts on “Fox and the Family Guy

  1. Yeay, someone else who likes Invader Zim! To heck with The Family Guy, Invader Zim rocks! It sucks soooooo much that they killed the show so soon.

    I have every episode in AVI format. One of these days, I’m going to convert them to MPEG and put them on DVD so that I can watch them on a real TV.

    God I love that show!

  2. The rite wing is very long and broad.  The Family Guy and Futurama is the only hour or television I watch.

  3. That’s just shameful :/  If I was the producer of the series, I’d be having kittens over that.

    I blogged a while ago about all of my favorite shows that got canned.

    Family Guy
    Invader Zim

    I guess I’m just not mainstream.  Whew!  That’s a relief smile


  4. I also love Invader Zim, I bought volume 1 on DVD and it’s great! AND!!! Volume 2 comes out the 31s, yay! I can’t wait to buy it. I was really pissed Nickelodeon is so shitty lately.

    What’s up with kid’s cartoons nowadays they’re just crap.

  5. Most, but not all. Fairly Odd Parents and Kim Possible are pretty good, but the trend toward turning collectible card games into half hour animated commercials to sell dreck to kids is abhorrent. Why, back in my day they at least sold you some crappy plastic “vehicle” that required batteries and never worked as advertised, but those were the days of He-Man and G.I. Joe!

    I also liked Firefly and all of the above mentioned animated series but never really got into the whole Buffy T.V.S. and subsequent spin offs. Hell, I still miss The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr..

    For the Zim fans I only have one thing to say… OBEY THE FIST!

  6. aw dammit! And I was so excited that Family Guy was coming back! Well… we may see cr*p like that on Fox, but the original, more offensive versions of the new episodes [now, I’m assuming that they’ll write what they want and have Fox’s people deal with editing things they don’t like, rather than have to change or skip good jokes in the first place] will still eventually come out on DVD, right? Or is that just wishful thinking?

  7. What? No mention of Denis Leary’s “The Job” or the excellent live action version of “The Tick?” Shocking!

  8. OK, i must tell you that iu like too much the series Kim Possible, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu-Gi-Oh!, The Simpsons, Fairly Odd Parents. I’m almost 18, but i actually have a lots of episodes of this series (KP:33 TS:3th season full YGO:50 episodes new RK:1 to 40), and i want to post it in some place, so if you want it, just tell me about it.

    Zanzoltan Says Good bye with

    “Buenas Noches, Bueno Nacho”

  9. Oh yes.  KP is awesome.  I soooo sympathize with Ron everytime he thinks back to camp Wannaweep.  Yes, I too had those moments in my childhood.

    Rufus totally makes that show.  He is one badass naked mole rat.

    My wife and I are only slightly ashamed about liking the show so much.

    :thumbs up:

  10. As a nineteen year old male, I have no shame in admitting that Kim Possible is one of my favourite shows, I was introduced to it by my niece several years ago and have every episode on tape.

  11. cool mad invader zim rocksd my fav is gir and his phrase to make room fo the cupcake in the episode walk of doom its halrius i love all episodes of invader zim

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